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Question;6.;The following inventory pattern has been observed in the Zahm Corporation over;12 months;Use;both three-month and?ve-month moving-average models to forecast the inventory;for the next January. Use root-mean-squared error (RMSE) to evaluate these two;forecasts.;11.;a. Plot the data presented in Exercise 7 to examine the possible existence of;trend and seasonality in the data.;b.;Prepare four separate smoothing models to examine the full-service restaurant;sales data using the monthly data.;1.;A simple smoothing model;2.;Holt?s model;3.;Winters? model;c.;Examine the accuracy of each model by calculating the root-mean-squared error;for each during the historical period. Explain carefully what characteristics;of the original data led one of these models to minimize the root-mean-squared;error.;13. The data in the table below are for retail sales;in book stores by quarter.;a.;Plot these data and examine the plot. Does this view of the data suggest a;particular smoothing model? Do the data appear to be seasonal? Explain.;b.;Use a smoothing method to forecast the next four quarters. Plot the actual and;forecast values.;**duplicate;Figure 3.13


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