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Question;Question 1;International;trade secretariats (ITS);Answer;Are the;acts of staging an investment strikes by the multinational;Is a;loose confederation to provide worldwide links for the national unions in a;particular industry or trade;Is a;lobbyist for restrictive national legislation in the USA and Europe;Are;clearing houses for information on key labor provisions around the world;Question 2;Greater;emphasis on formal management controls and close reporting systems tend to be;present in;Answer;European;firms;USA firms;Asian;firms;Australian;firms;Question 3;Generally;speaking, corporate headquarters;Answer;Is;seldom involved in labor agreements made by foreign subsidiaries because;these agreements seldom effect international plans nor create precedents for;negotiations in other countries;Is;seldom involved in labor agreements made by foreign subsidiaries because;headquarters staff feel they do not understand local regulatory and;institutional contexts;Is;often involved in labor agreements made by foreign subsidiaries because;headquarters staff do not trust local labor specialist to bargain effectively;Will;become involved in labor agreements made by foreign subsidiaries because;these agreements may affect international plans and/or create precedents for;negotiations in other countries;Question 4;Iron rice;bowl refers to;Answer;Additional;iron supplement added in a bowl of cereal;Guaranteed;continuation of employment;Exclusive;offshore activities in China;Stringent;compensation differentials;Question 5;McDonald?s;company policy is to staff its restaurants with;Answer;90% nationals;Only;nationals;Bilingual;managers;Union;employees;Question 5;McDonald?s;company policy is to staff its restaurants with;Answer;90%;nationals;Only;nationals;Bilingual;managers;Union;employees;Question 6;Ex-host-country;nationals (EHCN) is;Answer;A;person who was fired in a MNE and wants to return to their home country;A;person who studied abroad and returns to their home country;A;manager who is transferred from one country to another and then returns to;the home country;An;international traveler who is banned from their home country;Question 7;Influencing;wage levels to the extent that cost structures become uncompetitive is;Answer;A;byproduct of a successful subsidiary;A;result of government regulations;A;disadvantage of trade unions;A multinational;problem;Question 8;Multinationals;operating in Western Europe, Japan and Australia have a more serious problem;than wage level which is;Answer;Restricted;to overtime provisions;Long;term labor contracts;The;ability to vary employment levels;Unpredictable;regulatory environment;Question 9;The;term ?offshoring? is frequently used as a subcategory of;Answer;MNE;training;Outsourcing;Drilling;Internationalizing;Question 10;A major;problem applying the strategy of lobbying for restrictive national legislation;is;Answer;The;reality of conflicting national economic interest particularly in times of;economic downturn;The;reality of diffuse and uncoordinated legislative processes;The;reality of diverse interests by the many and varied union representatives as;they seek to approach legislators;The;reality of the complexity of labor legislation and the inability of most;individual legislators to understand the key issues involved;Question 11;Poor;subsidiary performance tends to;Answer;Be;accompanied by decreased corporate level involvement in local industrial;relations;Be;accompanied by increased corporate level involvement in industrial relations;Encourage;the formation of labor unions;Be;independent of corporate level involvement in local industrial relations;Question 12;Guanxi;is;Answer;A;network connection based on dyadic, personal relationships between people;A term;used to describe skill shortages in India and China;A;flourishing business process outsourcing industry;The;world?s largest International call center;Question 13;International;call-centers are an example of;Answer;NGO;Social;dumping;Offshoring;activities;Lobbying;Question 14;Recent;evidence has shown that one of the priorities when making investment location;decisions is;Answer;Presence;of unions;Capital;resource availability;Equal;opportunity government regulations;The;ability to dismiss employees;Question 15;A lack of;familiarity by multinational managers of local industrial and political;conditions has;Answer;Worsened;a conflict with a local firm that could have been resolved;Conflicted;with social norms;Encouraged;the development of a union;Contributed;to the failure of a MNE


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