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Davenport Bus650 week 2 discussion




Question;Research and discuss;effective means of conducting research. Your discussion should cover;appropriate academic sources, different forms of research (primary, secondary;qualitative, quantitative), and the scientific method.;At least 3 academic;references are expected, cited in-text and referenced in proper APA;format.Using the problem;you identified in the week one forums, you will need to build the theoretical;framework of your research project. Locate a minimum of 3 relevant research;articles to support the problem you identified with a brief description of each;article chosen as it relates/supports the problem. To perform this research;you will need to use the LiNC?s research database to locate appropriate;articles.Note:A tutorial on how to conduct research using ProQuest can be;found in the week 1 Readings & Resources folder.;Your reference list should be formatted correctly using APA;guidelines with your synopsis following (Research Reference List Example).


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