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Question;Unit;Assignments;Unit;II PowerPoint Presentation;You;are a high level manager who has been asked to present a PowerPoint;Presentation to your employees on the concepts of stakeholders and corporate;social responsibility. Your PowerPoint Presentation must include the following;?;What is a stakeholder?;?;How does your business define;stakeholder?;? Identify;your stakeholders and what makes them stakeholders in your business:o;The employee;oThe;supplier;o;The customers oThe;government;oThe;local community and society;?;How does your business;communicate with its stakeholders?;?;Discuss corporate social;responsibility in your business.;?;Discuss the social issues;facing your company.;The;PowerPoint must contain a minimum of 15 slides. You can assume anything in;developing the PowerPoint (person, place, time), and you can use your own;employer, your own business, an actual business, or a fictitious organization.;Make sure you identify your organization at the beginning of the slide show.;Points will be deducted if you do not include a reference list. This can be the;last slide in your PowerPoint, but make sure it includes all sources used: your;textbook, websites, journal articles, etc.;Remember;if you paraphrase or quote words or ideas from your course textbook or other;resources, you should cite your sources following the APA style citation;guidelines.;PowerPoint;contains a ?notes? feature where the presenter can insert notes under each;slide. You can add notes to your PowerPoint presentation by clicking in the;area titled ?Click to add notes.? This is located under each slide. Use this;feature to add additional content that is not included in your slides.;Format;You are free to design your PowerPoint in any format that;you see fit. This includes color scheme, font, layout,etc. However, the;level of professionalism in your PowerPoint will affect your grade. Excessive;use of clip art, sound effects, and animation is inappropriate in a;professional/scientific presentation. You might want to review the following;website for tips on creating PowerPoint presentations:;Submit;your PowerPoint assignment by uploading it through the "PowerPoint;Assignment" link located in Unit II. Do not e-mail your paper directly;to your professor.By uploading through Blackboard, your university record;will automaticallybe updated to indicate you have submitted your paper;and it will be provided to your professor for grading.;MBA 6301, Business Ethics;2;Unit III Case Study;Read;Case Study 22, ?Wal-Mart: But We Do Give Them a 10 Percent Employee Discount.?;Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author. Discuss ethical issues facing;Wal-Mart dealing with, ?off-the-clock-work,? sexual discrimination, health;benefits, the role of unions, the use of undocumented workers, as well as;issues relating to child and labor laws. Review the Questions for Thought.;Answer these four questions using the business ethics principles from the;textbook.;Your;discussion of the ethical issues facing Wal-Mart must be in paragraph form.;However, your responses to the four Questions for Thought can be answered;either in paragraph form or as a numbered list. There is no minimum word count;requirement for this case study. You will be graded on your discussion of the;ethical issues facing Wal-Mart and your responses to the questions.;Remember;if you paraphrase or quote words or ideas from your course textbook or other;resources, you should cite your sources following the APA style citation;guidelines.;To;submit your completed Case Study upload it through the ?view/complete? link;under the ?Unit III Case Study? link located in Unit III. Do not e-mail your;paper directly to your professor. By using this link, your university;record will automatically be updated to indicate you have submitted your paper;and the paper will be provided to your professor for grading. Instructions for;submitting your assignment can be found under the Case Study link in Unit III.;Unit;VI Case Study;Read;Case Study 20, ?Tyco: I?m Sure That It?s a Really Nice Shower Curtain.?;Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues;presented in the case. Review the Questions for Thought. Answer these three;questions using the business ethics principles from the textbook.;Your;summary of the author?s viewpoint and your discussion of the major issues;presented in the case must be in paragraph form. However, your responses to the;three Questions for Thought can be answered either in paragraph form or as a;numbered list. There is no minimum word count requirement for this case study.;You will be graded on your summary of the author?s viewpoint, your discussion;of the ethical issues facing Tyco, and your responses to the questions.;Remember;if you paraphrase or quote words or ideas from your course textbook or other;resources, you should cite your sources following the APA style citation;guidelines.;To;submit your completed Case Study upload it through the ?view/complete? link;under the ?Unit VI Case Study? link located in Unit VI. Do not e-mail your;paper directly to your professor. By using this link, your university;record will automatically be updated to indicate you have submitted your paper;and the paper will be provided to your professor for grading. Instructions for;submitting your assignment can be found under the Case Study link in Unit VI.;Unit;VII Code of Ethics Assignment;Your;task is to create an original Code of Ethics for your company or organization.;You may also choose to create a;Code of Ethics for a fictitious company or;organization if you prefer not to use your employer. Codes of conduct for;military do not qualify for this assignment. In your company Code of Ethics;please include the following;?;Guiding principles;?;Purpose of the code;?;Core values;?;Training and education;?;Definitions;?;What employees it covers;?;How it will be;implemented/communicated;?;How it will be enforced and;reported;?;Mission statement;?;Other pertinent elements you;feel necessary to have a comprehensive Code of Ethics;Please;include a short introduction and background of the company/organization and a;summary of the Code in your paper.;MBA 6301, Business Ethics;3;This assignment must be 6-8;pages in length. The title page and reference pages are not included in the;required paper length. CSU requires that students use the APA format in writing;course papers. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing;citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. Your paper should contain at;least three references in addition to the textbook and may include Internet;sources, books, and professional journals or other pertinent resources. Do not;copy or plagiarize others materials. Use references less than four years old.;Submit;a comprehensive outline by e-mail to the professor for approval prior to;initiating writing. Points can be deducted if your assignment is submitted;without an approved outline.;To submit your completed Code of Ethics;upload it through the ?view/complete? link under the ?Code of Ethics;Assignment? link located in Unit VII. Do not e-mail your paper directly to;your professor. By using this link, your university record will;automatically be updated to indicate you have submitted your paper and the;paper will be provided to your professor for grading. Instructions for;submitting your assignment can be found under the Code of Ethics Assignment;link in Unit VII.AssessmentsUnit I assessmentQuestion 120 out of 20 pointsCorrect Review Table 2-1 in the textbook, which relates to the myths;about business ethics (page 23). Select three myths, and discuss why they;represent a general misunderstanding about business ethics.Response Feedback: [None;Given]Question 220 out of 20 pointsCorrect List and discuss in depth the three teleological frameworks;and the three deontological frameworks. What are the advantages and;disadvantages of each? Of these six frameworks, with which one do you most;associate?Question 320 out of 20 pointsCorrect Review the ethical cycle (page19). Discuss a decision you;have made (at home or in the workplace), and describe the steps of the cycle in;relation to your decision making process. Now review the section on;rationalizing unethical behaviors (page 25). What is the relationship between;the ethical cycle and the three simple ethical tests used for business;decisions?AnswerQuestion 418 out of 20 pointsPartial Credit Examine the three simple tests identified by the Institute;of Business Ethics (page 25). Use these tests, and discuss a decision you made;dealing with ethics.Question 518 out of 20 pointsPartial Credit Discuss the eight ethical principles in the Global Business;Standards Codex. Using these principles, describe an example of a company that;does follow one of these principles, and then describe an example of a company;that does not follow one of these principles.Unit IV assessmentQuestion 125 out of 25 pointsCorrect Discuss the concept of;environmental sustainability. Discuss the challenges to sustainability faced by;developed, emerging, and survival economies. Do you think the ?green? movement;is a fad, or is it here to stay?Question 225 out of 25 pointsCorrect What part should the government;take in ensuring that corporations are environmentally ?friendly?? Fully;discuss your answer.Question 321 out of 25 pointsPartial Credit Assume you are the ethics officer;for a waste management company. The CEO has asked you for a memorandum;addressing the major concerns the company should consider with regard to the;environment. Create the memorandum.Question 421 out of 25 pointsPartial Credit What types of ethical issues are;faced by those in the field of health care? What is the role of ethics in;health care? Why are codes of ethics particularly important in the health care;field? Why do you think the doctor-patient relationship is discussed in our;textbook as an ethical issue?Unit V assessmentQuestion 120 out of 25 pointsPartial Credit You are the Assistant human resource manager for Proctor and;Gamble. One of your tasks is to monitor the e-mail of all employees. You have;discovered an e-mail that you would consider ?sexual harassment,? which was;sent from one employee to another. What specific action steps would you take in;this situation? What are your ethical responsibilities under these;circumstances?Question 220 out of 25 pointsPartial Credit Examine and discuss the types of computer and telephone;monitoring systems being used in the workplace. What are the ethical issues;involved with these type of monitoring systems? How does your workplace use a;monitoring system? What are your personal feelings about monitoring employee's;computer and telephone communication?Question 320 out of 25 pointsPartial Credit Analyze in detail the five types of internet fraud. Please;describe any personal experiences you have encountered with internet fraud?;What are practical preventative measures to deter being a victim of internet;fraud? Please be specific.Question 420 out of 25 pointsPartial Credit There are numerous examples of ethical dilemmas dealing with;the privacy of customers. As the textbook states, using cookies is a common way;of monitoring preferences of customers and potential customers. Companies? websites;gather and store information about its customers through cookies. Do you agree;with this business practice? What are the benefits to the company, and what are;the benefits and potential disadvantages to the customer?Unit VIII assessmentQuestion 125 out of 25 pointsCorrect What is whistle blowing, and why is it important to the;study of business ethics? Provide details. Discuss the reasons why an employee;would refrain from reporting potentially unethical behavior within his/her;organization? Should a corporation establish an ethics hotline? Discuss the;advantages and disadvantages of having one.Question 225 out of 25 pointsCorrect You have been asked by your CEO to recruit for a new;position: corporate ethics officer. Prepare a job description (minimum 200;words) for this new position. In the job description, make sure to discuss the;role the ethics officer will play in the company as well as the qualifications;this individual must hold.Question 345 out of 50 pointsPartial Credit You are a high level manager for a corporation that has;recently expanded into the global market. You have been asked to manage an;interdepartmental team that will help you to create a global ethics training;program. Imagine that your team has very little, if any, experience with ethics;training or international management. Create a memorandum to your team that;explains the need for an ethics training program, the benefits of an ethics;training program, and how the program will be implemented. Make sure to explain;the key elements in a global ethics training program and the global cultural;dimensions in detail.AnswerFinal ExamQuestion 11.;In April 2010, the explosion on the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater;Horizon drilling rig killed 11 workers and injured 17 others. The rig continued;to gush oil into the Gulf of Mexico until it was capped on July 15, 2010. The;well was declared effectively dead by the United States federal government on;September 19, 2010. By this time, almost 5 million barrels of crude oil leaked;into the Gulf. Marine and wildlife habitats were damaged, and tourism and;fishing industries were crippled along the Gulf Coast. Fishing grounds;national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and beaches across Louisiana;Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida were threatened by the spill. The economy of;this region was damaged by the spill. Many businesses were forced to close, and;many people were left unemployed. The BP oil spill is considered an example of;why many businesses and organizations need better corporate responsibility;standards.;Write 300-400 words on the ethical issues surrounding the BP oil spill incident;of 2010. The following questions can be used as guidelines for your essay, but;it is not required that all of these questions are answered. You may use only;your textbook as source material for your response. All source material must be;referenced (Paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations).;You may use the Publication Manual of the American;Psychological Association (APA Style Guide) or the CSU Citation Guide for reference. ?;Why is the BP oil spill considered a;matter of corporate social responsibility??;Discuss the BP oil spill in relation to;business ethics.?;Which stakeholders were affected by the;oil spill? How were these stakeholders affected??;The natural environment is considered a;stakeholder. What is BP?s responsibility to the environment??;How will this crisis affect the way;businesses create their strategic plans?CSU MBA6301 all discussionUnit 1 discussionThis discussion has 2 Parts:Part 1:Plagiarism;is intentionally or unintentionally presenting the work of another as your own;without giving credit to those whose ideas are being used. Many times, students;commit plagiarism accidentally because they do not know strategies for avoiding;it. Here are some helpful tips from Owl Purdue Writing Lab to incorporate as;you are gathering data to prepare for writing a research paper;? In your notes, always mark someone else's words with a big Q, for quote, or;use big quotation marks.;? Indicate in your notes which ideas are taken from sources with a big S, and;which are your own insights (ME).;? When information comes from sources, record relevant documentation in your;notes (book and article titles, URLs on the Web).;Completing these three bullets does require additional time, but in return, you;will receive peace of mind in knowing that you have submitted original;authentic work free of plagiarized content.;Imagine you have just acquired this degree and have now secured a position in;your desired place of employment. You have been assigned a very important;project. After putting in over forty hours a week, plus extra time on weekends;you are finally ready to present your finished project to management. When you;arrive at the presentation, you discover that one of your coworkers has already;presented a project that is nearly a match for your own. You realize that your;coworker has plagiarized, presented your work as their own. Considering the;tips above, how would you defend your project as that of your original;creation? After you have prepared this answer and considered this scenario, how;do you feel APA citations prove useful and necessary in college coursework?;To answer this question, refer to the Academic Policies;link in this course and click on Academic Integrity Policy. It is vital to;analyze the discussion questions and provide thoroughly analysis. A simple;statement will not do the job for critical analysis and logical flow.PART 2:Introduce yourself;to your fellow students and instructor. Share your college degree plans;briefly explaining what degree you are pursuing, why, and how you think taking;this course will assist you in achieving your personal or professional goals in;life.Please affirm that you have read and will abide by the University?s;Academic Integrity Violations (AIV) policy located in the course announcements.;In your response, please type the word ?affirm.? You may also ask any questions;that may concern you or discuss challenges you may face as a learner in your;compliance with the University?s AIV policy.Unit 2 discussionShould every corporation have a corporate social;responsibility program, or should it depend upon the industry? Does the company;you work for have a social responsibility program?Unit 3 discussionShould the government regulate the pay of;executives (including CEOs) of private corporations? Please state your;arguments for and against regulation.Unit 4 discussionDiscuss the concept of environmental justice. How;is it important to a corporation?Unit 5 discussionDiscuss an issue relating to ethics and;information technology that you (or someone you know) has experienced in the;workplace.Unit 6 discussionDiscuss an experience you have had with ethical;leadership. Discuss an experience you have had with unethical leadership.Unit 7 discussionWhat benefits do employees receive from a well;developed and implemented code of ethics?Unit 8 discussionDid this course meet your expectations? What did;you like the best about this course? What suggestions can you offer to improve;this course?;="msonormal">="msonormal">


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