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CSU MBA6301 Unit IV assessment




Question;Unit IV assessment;Question 1;25 out of 25 points;Correct;Discuss the concept of;environmental sustainability. Discuss the challenges to sustainability faced by;developed, emerging, and survival economies. Do you think the ?green? movement;is a fad, or is it here to stay?;Question 2;25 out of 25 points;Correct;What part should the government;take in ensuring that corporations are environmentally ?friendly?? Fully;discuss your answer.;Question 3;21 out of 25 points;Partial Credit;Assume you are the ethics officer;for a waste management company. The CEO has asked you for a memorandum;addressing the major concerns the company should consider with regard to the;environment. Create the memorandum.;Question 4;21 out of 25 points;Partial Credit;What types of ethical issues are;faced by those in the field of health care? What is the role of ethics in;health care? Why are codes of ethics particularly important in the health care;field? Why do you think the doctor-patient relationship is discussed in our;textbook as an ethical issue?


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