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CSU BBA4426 Unit V discussion




Question;For this discussion;board, the entire class will participate in a negotiation exercise.;Scenario: A multinational organization in China;has experienced dramatic growth in the past two years. Recently, the executive;staff has been reading about outsourcing costs, and they want to renegotiate;their contract with Outsourcing Company. For Outsourcing Company, this is the;largest client and the third request to renegotiate the contract and reduce the;price. Accepting the offer guarantees a large client but reduces the likelihood;to accept new clients because of the demanding workload for the staff. Not;accepting the offer to renegotiate the contract could result in releasing a;significant number of employees and suffering a loss for the next two years;unless Outsourcing Company can land another large client. So, risk is involved.;As the international management team, you have been tasked to consider all of;the associated variables and choose the course of action that best supports;Outsourcing Company. Should Outsourcing Company accept the offer and maintain;the contract, or do you have an alternative suggestion? Negotiate among;yourselves, the international management team for Outsourcing Company, for the;best solution. Support your negotiations with an explanation.


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