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Question;Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion Overview In Unit 1 you formed a team and started the process of company growth. Part of this team formation was to create a values profile. In week 2 one task that your team will face is to analyze growth opportunities for expansion. There are several factors that will impact your decision making, ?Total demand in any quarter will be determined by (1) the market?s sales potential, (2) the seasonal and economic conditions of the global economy, and (3) the nature and extent of competition? (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.3). Another consideration is one of ethics, do your company values support the expansion choices you will be making? Decision making tied to ethics and values may not be easy but can be advantageous. McMurrian and Matulich (2006) cite Ferrell ?These advantages include higher levels of efficiency in operations, higher levels of commitment and loyalty from employees, higher levels of perceived product quality, higher levels of customer loyalty and retention, and better financial performance (Ferrell 2004)? (p.11). As part of the management team, you will need to be in consensus on expansion plans and will be using your values as one filter to make your final decision. Requirements In a 4-6 page APA formatted paper excluding title page, reference page, abstracts, diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, you will:? Discuss the challenges of values based business decision making ethics in the current marketplace.? Research all four markets that you can expand into and assess the current social and political climate of each.? Pick three that are the best fit for you based on the comparison to company values.? Create recommendations that include a detailed rationale for your three choices. By Tuesday night: Submit your analysis (individual paper) to the Dropbox. Unit 1 [GB601 | MBA Capstone]2Sunday through Tuesday:? Share your Individual Assignment results with your team.? Finalize your expansion plans as a team. References Cadotte, Ernest R. and Harry J. Bruce, The Management of Strategy in The Marketplace, South-Western College Publishing, Cincinnati, 2003. McMurrian, R. C., & Matulich, E. (2006). Building Customer Value and Profitability with Business Ethics. Journal of Business & Economics Research, 4 (11), 11-18. Rubric Item Point Value Assignment Content? Challenges of values based business decision making in the current marketplace 20? Research of all four markets that are considered expansion opportunities and assessment of the current social and political climate of each 20? Comparison to the company values 20? Quality of Recommendations 20 General Writing and APA Compliance 20 Total 100 Preview your Unit 6 Portfolio Assignment The purpose of the Portfolio is to leverage your education accomplishments in pursuit of career goals. You will build an inventory of school assignments that hig


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