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Question;Assignment;Social;Media Integration into Advertising Strategy;Overview;You;and your team will be working this week on crafting marketing and advertising;strategies to capture market share for the five market segments as seen below.;The;Cost Cutter segment is a large segment that looks for a very;easy-to-use computer for very basic office applications. The segment is;very price sensitive.;The Workhorse segment is the;largest group of customers. They want a PC for a variety of office workers;to use. It should have substantial capability and flexibility, although;not top of the line. Ease of use is more important than high performance.;It should also be modestly priced.;The Innovator segment is a;small segment that uses a computer for large computational problems;(engineering, accounting, inventory management). The segment wants the;latest technology and will pay a small premium for this high performance.;The Mercedes segment is;looking for a high-performance computer to use in sophisticated;engineering and manufacturing applications. Mercedes customers are willing;to pay substantially more for high performance. At the start of the;exercise, Mercedes customers are not in the market for PCs. They prefer;mainframes and minicomputers. It is not likely that Mercedes customers;will be willing to buy until sometime in the second year when new computer;technology is introduced.;The Traveler segment wants a;practical computer to use on the road. Traveler customers are executives;and salespeople who travel a great deal. This segment is moderately price;sensitive.;Cadotte;and Bruce (2003) state ?Your overall marketing strategy should include an;integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy. That is, all forms of;communication with your target audience should be designed to have a common;message and support each other? (pg. 163). To achieve penetration to your;target markets, you must keep consistency but also differentiate your;advertisement campaigns to accommodate for individual market segments.;?Advertisers use multiple outlets to ensure you place advertisements in media;that that their ad campaign is seen? (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.165). Social;media is a relative newcomer to the marketing and advertising toolbox and must;be integrated carefully into the overall strategy and more importantly into the;strategy for each target audience.;Requirements;In a;4-6 page APA formatted paper excluding title page, reference page, abstracts;diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, you will;Report on;the leading edge trends in integrating social media into traditional marketing;and advertising campaigns.;Create;specific recommendations for incorporating social media into the market;segments your company is targeting.;Include a;detailed discussion of how these recommendations fulfill the balance of;integrated and differentiated requirements as recommended by Cadotte and;Bruce (2003).;By Tuesday;night:Submit;your analysis (individual paper) to the Dropbox;2;Sunday through;Tuesday;Share your Individual;Assignment results with your team.;Finalize your;marketing and advertisement plans as a team.;Reference;Cadotte, Ernest R.;and Harry J. Bruce, The Management of Strategy in The;Marketplace,South-Western;College Publishing, Cincinnati, 2003.;Rubric;Item;Point Value;Assignment Content;Depth of;report on the leading edge trends in;35;integrating social;media into traditional marketing and;advertising;campaigns;Quality of;Recommendations;35;General Writing and;APA Compliance;30;Total;100;3


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