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Kaplan GB601 week 2 and 3 discussion




Question;Please review the Discussion Board Participation;grading rubric on your course syllabus. This is important information that will;ensure that you earn maximum points. Your professionally written APA compliant;postings, using appropriate sources should provide substantive depth that;advances the discussion. Also, please be sure to edit your posts for;grammatical errors before you post.;Discussion;In your business growth plans for this week, one;area you will be focusing on is recruitment and retention of employees. Your;text states ?In a recent survey of 173 CEO/founders?the HR issues seen as most;important included: recruitment/ selection/ retention/ compensation and special;pay programs?? (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.359). A unique recruitment and;retention challenge faced by current CEO?s is that for the first time in;history multiple generations work side by side. ?Each group has its own distinct;characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, based on its generation?s;life experiences? (American Management Association, 2007, ? 2). For this;discussion question respond to the following, supported by scholarly sources;a.;Define the generations as referenced by the American Management;Association.;b.;Talk about the motivations for each of these generations.;c.;Research the challenges faced by employers in creating;compensation/rewards programs that will satisfy all generations.;d.;Discuss how the company you presently work for accomplishes this goal.;e.;Recommend changes or improvements that your present company could make;to their current practices.;Reference;American Management Association, (2007, January;27). Leading the four generations at work. Retrieved from;Cadotte, Ernest R. and Harry J. Bruce, The;Management of Strategy in The Marketplace, South-Western College;Publishing, Cincinnati, 2003.week 3Discussion TopicAs your company grows and faces increasingly complex challenges, you may be finding that the original strategy you created is changing. You are also changing and growing to meet these new challenges. Senge (2007) tells us ?The organizations that will excel in the future will be those that can tap the commitment and capacity to learn of people at all levels within them? (para 5). Senge?s 5 key disciplines are ?1)systems thinking,2)achieving personal mastery,3)shifting mental models,4)building shared vision, and5)team learning? (2007, para 6). They are key to achieving the goal of creating the learning organization.For this week?s discussion question, you will be reviewing the readings for this week, viewing to the Extra Extra videos, and using your own organization to research how these disciplines can be integrated into organizational growth and improvement. Your response should contain the following information:A brief description of your current employment organization or one that you have worked for in the past.A review of how these disciplines have been integrated (either formally or informally) within the organization and the impact on organizational effectiveness.Commentary on how the organization can improve.How you can integrate this information into your business plan in the classroom team.ReferenceSenge, P. (2007). Fifth Discipline. Bloomsbury Business Library - Management Library, 27. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.


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