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Question;International Project;Management ? Fall 2014: Assignment 1;Due COB Friday September 12th;2014;True/False: (5 points each);1.;Expatriate;PM should work within the framework of PM?s home country?s laws and;regulations.;2.;War;and terrorism is part of political sub-factors of GP-Sub Factors.;3.;International;project manager should not worry about host country?s geo-political situation.;4.;There;is no difference between PM and International PM.;5.;Masculine;orientation is concerned with things such as earnings, signs of visible;success, and possessions.;6.;Before;applying for a global project manager position you should evaluate your ability;to travel internationally.;7.;Technical;expertise does equate to cultural sensitivity.;8.;Understanding;the human aspect of culture will confuse a IPM?s while planning, executing, and;controlling the global project and take the focus away from project management.;9.;Virtual;teams also lessen the disruption of people's lives because the people do not;have to travel to meet.;Complete the sentence: (5 points each);10.;Examples;of barriers in communication are (name;any three)?________________?.;11.;Relationships;take precedence over rules for ?_________________?.;12.;In;?___________________?, rules are not influenced by relationships;13.;In;selecting appropriate technologies, the types of tasks that teams work on can;be divided into ?________________? broad categories;14.;A;?____________? is different from a networked team because it has a distinct;membership that identifies it from the rest of the organization;15.;The;two primary categories of variables that make virtual teams more complex are: ?____________________________________________________?.;Short answer;type questions;16.;You;are managing a project where resources are in US Eastern time zone, as well in;France and China. You need to setup a weekly conference call for an hour, when;do you think is the best time and why? (25;points);17.;Explain;- ?the most expensive mistake that you can make is to think;that your seniority or power trumps the need for cultural sensitivity?. (50 points);18.;Why;?HR policies? a critical success factor for virtual teams? (50 points)


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