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CSU BBA4426 Unit V assignment




Question;Communication Integration;Communication is challenging in any setting. With the;addition of cultural factors, communication becomes much more challenging. One;way for communication to fluently flow through an organization is to establish;clear communication channels. Organizational charts are often used to depict;reporting structures and communication channels. As a result of an;international acquisition or merger, it is necessary to restructure the;organizational chart and communication channels.;For this assignment, you have been provided with two;organizational charts. The organizations that use these charts have recently;merged. It is your responsibility to restructure the organizational chart to;establish clear channels of communication for each organization.;Scenario: Engineering Corporation is based in the United;States and Aerospace Corporation is based in China. Aerospace Corporation is;the parent company.;The following hyperlinked file should remain a DOC or DOCX;which allows students to revise the organizational charts. Click here to view;the link of each organizational chart.;The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about and;create clear channels of communication to ensure efficiency and productivity;among international organizations.;Part One?The Organizational Chart. Create a new;organizational chart that depicts the newly established communication channel.;Create a new organizational chart from scratch, or copy and paste one of the;provided organizational charts, and update it to include the new structure.;Part Two?The Description of the Communication. In a two-page;summary, describe the new communication flow and why it will function;effectively. Be sure to mention the communication strategies and theories that;are offered by;Luthans and Doh (2012).;Include the following details within your description;I. Introduce the need for new communication flow.;II. Describe the cultural impacts of each organization.;III. Describe the communication flow.;IV. Describe the communication barriers that were;considered.;V. It must be at least two pages.


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