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Kaplan Gb560 unit1 discussion




Question;Week1;Topic 1;To survive in a highly competitive environment, a;business organization must adapt and change (evolve). Successful;organizations seek continuous improvement in how they create and deliver;products and services. This can include changing existing processes or;inventing new processes. Such process changes are made utilizing a;myriad of different methodologies including (but not limited to) CIMM, TQM, Six;Sigma, Balanced Scorecard and ERP.;For this Discussion you will be evaluating the organization;where you currently work (or previously worked) and address the following;questions;1. Which, if any, quality methodology does;your organization use in evaluating its processes (CMM, TQM, Six Sigma;Balanced Scorecard, ERP, etc.)? If one is not used, explain why you believe;your organization does not utilize a quality methodology.;2. Isolate and detail one process in your;organization that was created, changed, or adjusted using the methodology;identified in #1. If no quality methodology is used in your organization;then identify one process and explain how that process could be helped or;improved by any of the quality methodologies.;3. Based on the process you identified, which type;of process diagram from Chapter 9 would be most applicable to the process;discussed in question # 2 and was such a diagram utilized by your organization?


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