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Kaplan MT400 unit 4 quiz




Question;1.Which of the following is not true about quick wins?(Points: 2) Quick wins can help the project become self-funding.Quick wins should be suggested by front line employees.Quick wins do not need approval so they can be executed quickly.Quick wins must be validated to ensure feasible implementation.Question 2.2.The reasons to complete a metric analysis do not include which of the following?(Points: 2) Provide an analytical view of the organizationAid in the prioritization of the processesIdentify poorly performing employeesAllow benchmarking of processQuestion 3.3.The Understand phase accomplishes all of the following except:(Points: 2) Ensure a common understanding of the factsDevelop solutions for fixing deficienciesObtain key metrics for establishing baselinesDetermine whether improvement is possible or necessaryQuestion 4.4.Process modeling does not accomplish which of the following:(Points: 2) Create a map to which all employees must adhereDemonstrate the shortcomings of the current situationCreate a common understanding of the processProduce models that can be used as documentationQuestion 5.5.The Understand phase report should include all of the following except:(Points: 2) Purpose of this phaseList of stakeholdersIdentified issues and causesProposed solutions


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