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Davenport Bus650 research paper 1




Question;Building;off of the problem you?ve identified in week one coupled with the supporting;research you?ve conducted in week two. You will present the purpose of the;study (i.e., by completing the statement, ?The purpose of the study is??);and then follow up with a relevant and testable research question. The Purpose;of the Study is to gain information to address the problem introduced;in week 1 (example of using a purpose statement).;The;research question should adhere to the following guidelines;1.;formation;of question is based on theory, previous research, and experience;2.;stated;in the form of a question, and;3.;is;focused and clear (i.e., specific, measureable, and feasible).;Part;I should address all the areas of the rubric, and your paper must follow APA;guidelines.;Research Part I ? BUSN 650;Exemplary Level;Meeting;the requirements of this criterion will earn a maximum of 100 points;Significance;15;Student discusses the importance of the study as it pertains to;business or society, and the study adds to the significance/effectiveness of;business practices.;X/15;Mastery Level;Meeting;the requirements of the three criteria areas will earn a maximum of 85 points;Research Question:15;Background;15;Purpose;Statement: 15;Question;is clearly stated (10-15 words), and discusses why the study is being;conducted.;Provides an overview;of the context of background of the problem to set the stage for the study.;Clearly describes;the purpose of the study, and rationale supported by external sources.;X/15;X/15;X/15;Competency Level;Meeting;the requirements of the four criteria areas will earn a maximum of 40 points;Content;10;APA;10;Mechanics;10;Organization;10;Student identifies key ideas relating to the identified problem, depthof topic is covered appropriately, and is supported;appropriately with citations.;Student followed all;APA conventions (reference page, abstract and reference list) with at least fourcitations (in-text and reference;list match) from external academic journals.;Sentence structure, correct use of grammar, diction, correct use;of punctuation, minimal to no spelling errors, no run-on sentences or comma;splices. Paper contains an introduction, body and conclusion;Ideas are arranged logically, and;flow smoothly from one idea to another which are clearly linked to each other;and complete.;X/10;X/10;X/10;X/10


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