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CSU BBA4426 unit VII assessment




Question;Question;1;1.;In your own words, define and describe political risk. Create an;impressive definition that demonstrates to potential employers or clients that;you can clearly articulate the risks associated with international management.;Your response should be at least 150 words in length. All sources used must be;referenced, paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.;Answer;25 points;Question;2;1.;Why is it important to consider the effects of government relations;before agreeing to an international transaction?;Your response should be at least 150 words in length. All sources used must be;referenced, paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.;30 points;Question;3;1.;Luthans and Doh (2012) discuss managing alliances. In your professional;opinion as an international manager, what are the three most important pieces;of information that you want to know about any organization while maintaining;an alliance? Briefly explain.;Your response should be at least 150 words in length. All sources used must be;referenced, paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.;Answer;30 points;Question;4;1.;Match the following items to the correct answer option.;Answer;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Political risk;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Macro;political risk analysis;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Micro;political risk analysis;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Terrorism;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Expropriation;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Indigenization;laws;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Transfer;risks;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Operational;risks;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Ownership-control;risks;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Conglomerate;investment;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Vertical;investment;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Horizontal;investment;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Integrative;techniques;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Protective;and defensive techniques;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;-;A.;B.;C.;D.;E.;F.;G.;H.;I.;J.;K.;L.;M.;N.;O.;Proactive;political strategies;Read Answer Items for;Question 4;Answer;A.;Analysis;that reviews major political decisions likely to affect all enterprises in;the country;B.;A;type of high-risk investment in which goods or services produced are not;similar to those produced at home;C.;Government;policies and procedures that directly constrain management and performance;of local operations;D.;The;unanticipated likelihood that a business?s foreign investment will be;constrained by a host government?s policy;E.;Lobbying;campaign financing, advocacy, and other political interventions designed to;shape and influence the political decisions prior to their impact on the;firm;F.;The;production of raw goods that are to be processed into final products;G.;Government;policies that limit the transfer of capital, payments, production, people;and technology in and out of the country;H.;Techniques;that discourage the host government from interfering in operations;I.;Analysis;directed toward government policies and actions that influence selected;sectors of the economy or specific foreign businesses in the country;J.;The;seizure of businesses by a host country with little, if any, compensation;to the owners;K.;Government;policies or actions that inhibit ownership or control of local operations;L.;Techniques;that help the overseas operation become a part of the host country?s;infrastructure;M.;An;MNC investment in foreign operations to produce the same goods or services;as those produced at home;N.;The;use of force or violence against others to promote political or social;views;O.;Laws;that require nationals to hold a majority interest in an operation


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