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Question;Performance Based Factors and Measures for Quality Assessment;Part 1;Write a 700- to 1,000-word paper about the;Performance Based Factors and Measures for Quality Assessment. Include;the following in your paper;For any health care activity, three performance factors;can be measured: structure, process, and outcome. Identify one structure;measure, one process measure, and one outcome measure that could be;used to evaluate the following hospital admission process;Upon arrival, the patient reports to the hospital;registration or admitting area. The patient completes paperwork and;provides an insurance identification card, if insured. Often, patients;register before the date of hospital admission to facilitate the;registration process. An identification bracelet including the patient?s;name and doctor?s name is placed around the patient?s wrist. Before any;procedure is performed or any form of medical care is provided, the;patient is asked to sign a consent form. If the patient is not feeling;well, a family member or caregiver can help the patient complete the;admission process.;Include a minimum of three peer-reviewed references, not including the textbook.;Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines.;Part 2;Query the NQMC ( and write;a 400- to 600-word paper and identify five evidence-based performance;measures related to prescribing the correct medications for hospitalized;patients. The measure should focus on choosing the right medication for;the patient?s condition. List each measure the organization or group;that developed the measure, and the date the measure was published.;Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed references, not including the textbook.;Format your paper consistent with APA 6th guidelines.;Submitting Your Assignments;Put your written assignments in a Word document. Save it;in a location and with a name you will remember, using the following;naming convention: username-assignment-unit#.doc.


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