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Question;Haygood Brothers Construction Company;George;and Harry Haygood are building contractors who specialize in the construction;of private home dwellings, storage warehouses, and small businesses (less than;20,000 sq. ft. of floor space). Both George and Harry entered a carpenter;union?s apprenticeship program in the early 1990s and, upon completion of the;apprenticeship, became skilled craftsmen in 1996. Before going into business;for themselves, they worked for several local building contractors in the Detroit;area.;Typically;the Haygood Brothers submit competitive bids for the construction of proposed;dwellings. Whenever their bids are accepted, various aspects of the;construction (electrical wiring, plumbing, brick laying, painting, and so;forth) are subcontracted. George and Harry, however, perform all carpentry;work. In addition, they plan and schedule all construction operations;frequently arrange interim financing, and supervise all construction;activities.;The;philosophy under which the Haygood Brothers have always operated can be simply;stated: ?Time is money.? Delays in construction increase the costs of interim;financing and postpone the initiation of their building projects. Consequently;they deal with all bottlenecks promptly and avoid all delays whenever possible.;To minimize the time consumed in a construction project, the Haygood Brothers;use PERT.;First;all construction activities and events are itemized and properly arranged (in;parallel and sequential combinations) in a network. Then time estimates for;each activity are made, the expected time for completing each activity is;determined, and the critical (longest) path is calculated. Finally, earliest;times, latest times, and slack values are computed. Having made these;calculations, George and Harry can place their resources in the critical areas;to minimize the time of completing the project.;The;following are the activities that constitute an upcoming project (home;dwelling) of the Haygood Brothers;Arrange financing (A)Let subcontracts (B)Set and pour foundations (C)Plumbing (D)Framing (E)Roofing (F)Electrical wiring (G).Installation of windows and;doors (H)Ductwork and insulation;(including heating and cooling units) (I)Sheetrock, paneling, and;paper hanging (J)Bricking (K)Installation of cabinets (L)Inside trim (including;fixtures) (M)Outside trim (N)Painting (O)Flooring (P)The;immediate predecessors and the optimistic (a), most likely (m), and pessimistic;(b) time estimates, are shown in Table 1.;TABLE 1.;Haygood Brothers Construction Co.;DAYS;ACTIVITY;Immediate;Predecessor;a;m;b;A;-;4;5;6;B;A;2;5;8;C;B;5;7;9;D;B;4;5;6;E;C;2;4;6;F;E;3;5;9;G;E;4;5;6;H;E;3;4;7;I;E;5;7;9;J;D, I;10;11;12;K;F, G, H, J;7;8;9;L;F, G, H, J;4;6;8;M;L;5;7;9;N;K;4;5;10;O;M;5;6;7;P;N, O;2;3;4;What is the time length of;the critical path? What is the significance of the critical path?Compute the amount of time;that the completion of each activity can be delayed without affecting the;overall project.The project was begun August;1. What is the probability that the project can be completed by September;30? (Note: Scheduled completion time = 60 days.)In all;discussion question responses ensure that you correctly reference sources you;used in researching and analyzing your response. Use appropriate scholarly;citation methods.


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