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Question;The home page of this module identifies several measures of the learning and growth perspective, such as:Real-time availability of accurate customer and internal process information to front-line employees Ability to launch new products Ability to create more value for customers Ability to penetrate new markets Alignment of employee incentives with overall organizational success factors Rates of improvement in critical customer-based and internal processes Consideration of these measures reveals that it can be difficult to quantify these factors. For your first posting in this Discussion, identify one specific example of a learning and growth measure that you feel could be critical to an organization but difficult to measure. For your second posting, choose another student's measure and propose a metric that could be used to quantify it.Note: This discussion board is designed for you to respond to the above question/topic by Thursday of the first week of the module. To receive a passing grade each post should be a minimum of 200 words in length, demonstrating thought and integration of key concepts. Your response should be supported with relevant background sources, which must be properly cited and referenced. During the second week you should respond to at least one other student with a post of similar length and quality as your initial post.


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