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Question;Q9;Bechtold;Construction is in the process of installing power lines to a large housing;development. Steve Bechtold wants to minimize the total length of wire used;which will minimize his costs. The housing development is shown as a network in;Figure.;Each house has been numbered, and the;distances between houses are given in hundreds of feet. What do you recommend?;Q11;12-9 Transworld Moving has been hired to move the office;furniture and equipment of Cohen Properties to their new headquarters. What;route do you recommend?;Q19;The road system around the hotel;complex on International Drive (node 1) to Disney World (node 11) in Orlando;Florida, is shown in the network of Figure 12.27. The numbers by the nodes;represent the traffic flow in hundreds of cars per hour. What is the maximum;flow of cars from the hotel complex to Disney World? P;See;attached file for full problem description.Q34A technician monitors a group of five computers that run an automated manufacturing facility. It takes an average of 15 minutes (exponentially distrubuted) to adjust a computer that develops a problem. The computers run for an average of 85 minutes (Poisson distributed) without requiring adjustments. What is the(A) average number of computers waiting for adjustment?(B) average number of computers not in working order?(C) probability the system is empty?(D) average time in the queue?(E) average time in the system?


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