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I am a first-time Finance student and I have answe...




I am a first-time Finance student and I have answered some homework questions, but I am not so sure of my answers. Please help me with these 3. Thanks in advance. Flotation costs Choose one answer. a. are greater in the secondary market. b. include dividend payments. c. Include taxation of dividends. d. are greater in the primary market. Consider the following two projects each with an initial outlay of $3,000,000: Year Project A Cash Flow Project B Cash Flow 1 2,003,000 0 2 2,003,000 0 3 2,003,000 9,000,000 What is Project A's payback period? Choose one answer. a. 3.5 years b. 2.23 years c. 3.2 years d. 1.5 years Recording revenue when earned is an example of Choose one answer. a. cash basis accounting. b. prepaid expenses. c. paid-in capital. d. accrual accounting.,Hello Rachel- And thanks for your quick response! I have 10 multiple choice questions from a homework assisgnment of 30 questions that I need help with. Please take a look and accept this if you can help me. Thanks,Will do!


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