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Kaplan MT400 unit 5 quiz




Question;Question 1.1.Which of the following risk does not belong in the Innovate phase?(Points: 2) The process does not match the strategy of the organizationThe organization is too ambitious in solutions generatedSolutions generated are not feasibleToo many revision options are selectedQuestion 2.2.Which of the following is not an innovation technique?(Points: 2) CombinationDiscoveryTantalizationSynchronizationQuestion 3.3.Which of the following steps should be used to create involvement and gather ideas?(Points: 2) Executive kick-off workshopInternal mobilizationFuture process metric projectionSimulationQuestion 4.4.Which of the following activities is not related to innovation?(Points: 2) Role playingForecastingDemonstrationBrainstormingQuestion 5.5.Process gap analysis does not include which of the following?(Points: 2) People skills evaluationProcess issuesRelevant metricsRequired changes


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