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Question;Discussion Question;In week two one task that your team will face is to;analyze growth opportunities for expansion. In the global economy there are;many strong ties between corporate ethics and profit. McMurrian and Matulich;offer this hypothesis, ?In fact, a reputation for ethical business activities;can be a major source of competitive advantage? (2006, p. 11). For this;discussion question you will;1.;Conduct research to validate the statement made above by McMurrian and;Matulich.;2.;Post the APA compliant results of your research to include at least one;company that has successfully applied their ethics or values with profitable;results and one company that has lost profit dollars when they have acted in;non compliance with their ethics.;3.;Comment on how this research applies to your current employer or;one that you have worked for in the past.;4.;Comment on how this research will increase the effectiveness of your;simulation team?s decision-making.;Reference;McMurrian, R. C., & Matulich, E. (2006).;Building Customer Value and Profitability with Business Ethics. Journal;of Business & Economics Research, 4 (11), 11-18.;Week 2;Please review the Discussion Board Participation;grading rubric on your course syllabus. This is important information that will;ensure that you earn maximum points. Your professionally written APA compliant;postings, using appropriate sources should provide substantive depth that;advances the discussion. Also, please be sure to edit your posts for;grammatical errors before you post.;Discussion;In your business growth plans for this week, one;area you will be focusing on is recruitment and retention of employees. Your;text states ?In a recent survey of 173 CEO/founders?the HR issues seen as most;important included: recruitment/ selection/ retention/ compensation and special;pay programs?? (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.359). A unique recruitment and;retention challenge faced by current CEO?s is that for the first time in;history multiple generations work side by side. ?Each group has its own distinct;characteristics, values, and attitudes toward work, based on its generation?s;life experiences? (American Management Association, 2007, ? 2). For this;discussion question respond to the following, supported by scholarly sources;a.;Define the generations as referenced by the American Management;Association.;b.;Talk about the motivations for each of these generations.;c.;Research the challenges faced by employers in creating;compensation/rewards programs that will satisfy all generations.;d.;Discuss how the company you presently work for accomplishes this goal.;e.;Recommend changes or improvements that your present company could make;to their current practices.;Reference;American Management Association, (2007, January;27). Leading the four generations at work. Retrieved from;Cadotte, Ernest R. and Harry J. Bruce, The;Management of Strategy in The Marketplace, South-Western College;Publishing, Cincinnati, 2003.;Discussion Topic;As your company grows and faces increasingly;complex challenges, you may be finding that the original strategy you created;is changing. You are also changing and growing to meet these new challenges.;Senge (2007) tells us ?The organizations that will excel in the future will be;those that can tap the commitment and capacity to learn of people at all levels;within them? (para 5). Senge?s 5 key disciplines are ?1) systems;thinking, 2) achieving personal mastery, 3) shifting;mental models, 4) building shared vision, and 5) team;learning? (2007, para 6). They are key to achieving the goal of creating the;learning organization.;For this week?s discussion question, you will be;reviewing the readings for this week, viewing to the Extra Extra videos, and;using your own organization to research how these disciplines can be integrated;into organizational growth and improvement. Your response should contain the;following information;1.;A brief description of your current employment organization or one that;you have worked for in the past.;2.;A review of how these disciplines have been integrated (either formally;or informally) within the organization and the impact on organizational;effectiveness.;3.;Commentary on how the organization can improve.;4.;How you can integrate this information into your business plan in the;classroom team.;Reference;Senge, P. (2007). Fifth Discipline. Bloomsbury;Business Library - Management Library, 27. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.;Sources of Capital;All small business owners find themselves looking;for small business funding at one point or another. In this simulation you are;preparing to seek funding from venture capitalist, but there are many other;sources of funding to consider. The small business owner must determine how;these sources marry with company vision, mission and values, and weigh the;advantages and disadvantages of each funding source. For this discussion;question you will conduct research on these funding sources and;1.;Present a high level overview of at least 4 types of sources.;2.;Select the top 2 sources that you think would be a best fit for the;growth stage of your business.;3.;Discuss how you would identify specific companies/individuals within;these 2 choices to find one that is the most compatible with your organizations;values.;4.;Cite one example of a company that has achieved this goal;Discussion Topic;Last week you presented to the venture capital team;and received feedback on how to increase your chances of success as you grow;your company. You will be incorporating this feedback into your business plan;and possibly changing your strategy. Linkow tells us ?In this rapidly changing;world with tight--and getting tighter--resources, the capacity to make and;execute strategy is a source of competitive advantage. Organizations that don't;have strategic competence embedded in their infrastructures will fall behind?;(1999, p. 37). In his article, Linkow identifies several thinking competencies;that are common in great strategic thinkers;?;reframing;?;scanning;?;abstracting;?;multivariate thinking;?;envisioning;?;inducting;?;valuating (p. 35);For your discussion question response this week;select 2 of these competencies and in your response;1.;Define each competency using Linkow?s work and other sources you;discover in your research.;2.;Discuss the impact achieving a high degree of skill in these;competencies can have on an organization?s growth.;3.;Select a business leader that has exhibited either one or both of these;competencies and give an example to support your thoughts.;4.;Talk about how this information can be helpful to your team as they;change the business plan.;5.;Describe how personal integration of this information can increase your;effectiveness as a team member.;Reference;Linkow, P. (1999). What gifted strategic thinkers;do? Training & Development, 53(7), 34. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.;Unit 6;Discussion Topic;You have been working in virtual teams starting;from the first week and needed to be highly effective almost instantaneously.;In week 6 you will be presenting to the board and one area of this presentation;includes lessons learned throughout the simulation. One key area you will;address is how the team learned to work together from the outset, how you;continued to maximize individual strengths to create a high performing team;and what you will be doing to continue this development. In this discussion question;address the following;1.;What process the team employed to engage all team members quickly?;2.;How successful was your team process?;3.;How roles and responsibilities were assigned? Please include information;from;a.your insights profile;b.the tools in the;textbook reading;c.Other assessment;tools that you think are valuable to share;4.;What best practices this and from previous courses, articles, books, and;assignments have helped you?;5.;What changes did you need to make along the way to ensure that the team;operated in a highly effective fashion?;6.;How will you apply this knowledge to your workplace and other teams you;will be operating on in the future?;Individual assignments;Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion;Overview;In Unit 1 you formed a team and started the process of;company growth. Part of this;team formation was to create a values profile. In week 2 one;task that your team will;face is to analyze growth opportunities for expansion. There;are several factors that will;impact your decision making, ?Total demand in any quarter;will be determined by (1) the;market?s sales potential, (2) the seasonal and economic;conditions of the global;economy, and (3) the nature and extent of competition?;(Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.3).;Another consideration is one of ethics, do your company;values support the expansion;choices you will be making? Decision making tied to ethics;and values may not be easy;but can be advantageous. McMurrian and Matulich (2006) cite;Ferrell ?These;advantages include higher levels of efficiency in;operations, higher levels of;commitment and loyalty from employees, higher levels of;perceived product quality;higher levels of customer loyalty and retention, and better;financial performance (Ferrell;2004)? (p.11).;As part of the management team, you will need to be in;consensus on expansion;plans and will be using your values as one filter to make;your final decision.;Requirements;In a 4-6 page APA formatted paper excluding title page;reference page, abstracts;diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, you;will;? Discuss the challenges of values based business decision;making ethics in the;current marketplace.;? Research all four markets that you can expand into and;assess the current social;and political climate of each.;? Pick three that are the best fit for you based on the;comparison to company;values.;? Create recommendations that include a detailed rationale;for your three choices.;By Tuesday night: Submit your analysis (individual paper) to;the Dropbox. Unit 1 [GB601 | MBA Capstone];2;Sunday through Tuesday;? Share your Individual Assignment results with your team.;? Finalize your expansion plans as a team.;References;Cadotte, Ernest R. and Harry J. Bruce, The Management of;Strategy in The;Marketplace, South-Western College Publishing, Cincinnati;2003.;McMurrian, R. C., & Matulich, E. (2006). Building;Customer Value and Profitability with;Business Ethics. Journal of Business & Economics;Research, 4 (11), 11-18.;Rubric;Item Point Value;Assignment Content;? Challenges of values based business decision;making in the current marketplace 20;? Research of all four markets that are considered;expansion opportunities and assessment of the;current social and political climate of each;20;? Comparison to the company values 20;? Quality of Recommendations 20;General Writing and APA Compliance 20;Total 100;Preview your Unit 6 Portfolio Assignment;The purpose of the Portfolio is to leverage your education;accomplishments in pursuit of;career goals. You will build an inventory of school;assignments that high;Unit 2 assignment;Assignment;Social;Media Integration into Advertising Strategy;Overview;You and;your team will be working this week on crafting marketing and advertising;strategies to capture market share for the five market segments as seen below.;The Cost Cutter;segment is a large segment that looks for a very easy-to-use computer for;very basic office applications. The segment is very price sensitive.The Workhorse segment;is the largest group of customers. They want a PC for a variety of office;workers to use. It should have substantial capability and flexibility;although not top of the line. Ease of use is more important than high;performance. It should also be modestly priced.The Innovator segment;is a small segment that uses a computer for large computational problems;(engineering, accounting, inventory management). The segment wants the latest;technology and will pay a small premium for this high performance.The Mercedes segment;is looking for a high-performance computer to use in sophisticated;engineering and manufacturing applications. Mercedes customers are willing;to pay substantially more for high performance. At the start of the;exercise, Mercedes customers are not in the market for PCs. They prefer;mainframes and minicomputers. It is not likely that Mercedes customers;will be willing to buy until sometime in the second year when new computer;technology is introduced.The Traveler segment;wants a practical computer to use on the road. Traveler customers are;executives and salespeople who travel a great deal. This segment is;moderately price sensitive.;Cadotte;and Bruce (2003) state ?Your overall marketing strategy should include an;integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy. That is, all forms of;communication with your target audience should be designed to have a common;message and support each other? (pg. 163). To achieve penetration to your;target markets, you must keep consistency but also differentiate your;advertisement campaigns to accommodate for individual market segments.;?Advertisers use multiple outlets to ensure you place advertisements in media;that that their ad campaign is seen? (Cadotte & Bruce, 2003, p.165). Social;media is a relative newcomer to the marketing and advertising toolbox and must;be integrated carefully into the overall strategy and more importantly into the;strategy for each target audience.;Requirements;In a 4-6;page APA formatted paper excluding title page, reference page, abstracts;diagrams, and other visual/oral aids as appropriate, you will;Report on;the leading edge trends in integrating social media into traditional marketing;and advertising campaigns.;Create;specific recommendations for incorporating social media into the market;segments your company is targeting.;Include a;detailed discussion of how these recommendations fulfill the balance of;integrated and differentiated requirements as recommended by Cadotte and;Bruce;(2003).;By;Tuesday night:Submit;your analysis (individual paper) to the Dropbox;2;Sunday;through Tuesday;Share;your Individual Assignment results with your team.;Finalize;your marketing and advertisement plans as a team.;Reference;Cadotte;Ernest R. and Harry J. Bruce, The Management of Strategy in The;Marketplace,South-Western College Publishing;Cincinnati, 2003.;Rubric;Item;Point;Value;Assignment;Content;Depth;of report on the leading edge trends in;35;integrating;social media into traditional marketing and;advertising;campaigns;Quality;of Recommendations;35;General;Writing and APA Compliance;30;Total;100;Team assignemnts;Team Assignment;Team Assignment For Week 1;Please review the Simulation Overview documents to be sure;you understand all of the requirements. You will be completing Quarter 1 of the;simulation. You will also be completing the appropriate sections of your;business plan integrating the readings, the results of your individual;assignment, Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion, the discussion question;and the Extra Extra videos? into your business plan in preparation for;presenting to venture capital investors in Unit 4.;Review the Unit 4 Business Plan Instructions to;get you started. For long range planning also review the Unit 6 Report to the Board Instructions.;Items to complete for Team Creation;1.;Based on your Insights Profile identify strengths that you bring to your;team. The link below will connect you with a webcast that quickly reviews the;Strengths Page, Weaknesses Page, and Value to Team Pages of your Insights.;(Insights Vancouver archived your previous Profile from GB500. If they have not;sent it you, contact them at and send them;your Kaplan email address.;It would be best to have your Insights Profile open and on the Strengths page;while you view this webcast. You will be using these in your Unit 4 and Unit 6;Business Plan assignment.;This link contains a webcast library you can access to better understand your;Insights Profile. For this assignment, please view Session 4: Profile;Application. Start at the 3 minute 34 second mark (3.34) with a review of the;?Strengths Page? which concludes at 5.50. Then go to 8.08 to review the;?Weaknesses Page? which leads to the ?Value to the Team? at 9.36 and runs to;the end of the webcast.;In the event you need a quick refresher on Insights, take a look at Session 2;Insights Discovery Colour Energies. This webcast runs for 13.38, however, the;first 10 minutes will be most useful for this assignment.;2.;Define roles and responsibilities. There are many tools for you to use;in the completing this definition;a.The tools in your;text.;b.Your Insights;Profile.;c.Other tools and;processes that you have learned about and used in work or in other classes.;3.;Create mission, vision, values. There is a sample values;assessment document you can use in your values creation work;listed in DocSharing.;4.;Determine which type of business structure is the most appropriate for;your company.;5.;Complete appropriate sections of the business plan.;Unit 2;Team Assignment For Week 2;You will be completing Quarters 2 and 3 of the simulation, please;review these documents to be sure you understand all of the requirements. You;will also complete the appropriate sections of your business plan integrating;the readings, the results of your individual assignment, Social Media;Integration Into Advertising Strategy, the discussion question and the Extra;Extra videos? into your business to prepare for you presentation to venture;capital investors in Unit 4.;You will also be completing the first of 3 peer;evaluations. See information of how to complete the evaluation here.;Unit 3;You will be completing Quarter 4 of the simulation;please review the Simulation Overview documents to be sure you understand all;of the requirements. You will also complete the appropriate sections of your;business plan integrating the readings, the discussion question and the Extra;Extra videos? into your business plan to prepare for you presentation to;venture capital investors in Unit 4.;Simulation Overview Documents;?;Quarter 4 - Overview and Important Points;?;Introduction to Marketplace Accounting;Unit 4;Business Plan Presentation;Over the last 3 weeks, you have been working with;your team to create a business plan for presentation to potential venture;capitalist investors. In this unit you will be submitting your business plan to;the investors for review and comment.;You will be submitting your the business plan to;venture capital investors and integrating their comments into your future;plans. Click to view the Unit 4 Business Presentation requirements.;For long range planning also review the Unit 6 Report to the Board Instructions.;When you are ready, please designate one member of;your team to submit your Presentation to the Team Assignment Dropbox before;the end of the Unit.;Complete Quarter 5;You will be completing Quarter 5 of the simulation;please review the Simulation Overview to be sure you;understand all of the requirements.;You will also complete the appropriate sections of;your business plan integrating the readings, the discussion question and the;Extra Extra videos? into your business plan and presentation in preparation for;a final report submission to the board of directors in Unit 6.;Unit 6;Report to the Board;Over the last 5 weeks, you have been working with;your team in the business to create a business plan to grow your company. In;unit 4 you presented to potential venture capitalist investors and made changes;to the plan while continuing to work within the Marketplace simulation.;In this unit you will be applying all that you have;learned and presenting to your board of directors. The instructions for completing this assignment are;located here.;When you are ready, please designate one member of;your team to submit your Presentation to the Team Assignment Dropbox before;the end of the Unit.


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