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MGMT 600 Business Planning Seminar - DeVry (ENTIRE COURSE Week 1 - 8)




Question;Week OneTCOs A, B, CThe BeginningAssignment:v Select teamsv Team charter (includes Business Plan topic) dueWeek TwoTCO CThe Problem and AnswerAssignment:v Research of the week: The Problem & Answerv Create mission, vision & values statementv Individual assignment dueWeek ThreeTCO CIndustry AnalysisAssignment:v Research of the Week: The Marketing Planv Industry Analysis dueWeek FourTCOs B, FThe Marketing PlanAssignment:v Research of the week: the Operations Planv Marketing Plan dueWeek FiveTCOs E, G, JThe Operations PlanAssignment:v Research of the Week: the Financial Planv Operations Plan dueWeek SixTCOs H, I, JThe Financial Planv Polish work completed to datev Financial Plan dueWeek SevenTCOs A, DThe PitchAssignment:v Create exit strategies for Business Planv Prepare & practice Presentationv Create Executive SummaryWeek EightAll TCOs/TopicsThe FinishAssignment:v Present the Business Planv Final Business Plan duev Submit Peer Review


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