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BMAL604 module 8 Integration of Faith and Learning Paper




Question;Integration of;Faith and Learning Paper Instructions;You;will write a 6?8-page paper (excluding title page, abstract, and reference/end;materials) that answers each of the questions listed below. The answers must be;comprehensive, substantive, and written at the graduate-level. The paper is to;be written using current APA format. Use each question as a Level 1 Heading in;the paper. The sub-questions are to be used as Level 2 Headings.;1.;Brief;Introduction to the nation selected (1?2 pages minimum);2.;What;are the major religion(s) in the nation (2 page minimum)?;a.;Describe;how each major religion defines its worldview.;b.;Describe;how this differs from the Christian worldview.;3.;How;might the above items impact a Christian manager/leader working in that nation (1?2;pages minimum)?;4. How;might a Christian manager/leader prepare to address these differences while;working in that nation (1?2 pages minimum)?;This assignment;must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday;of Module/Week 8.


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