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Regent Supply wants to build a new office building...




Regent Supply wants to build a new office building. The firm has budgeted monthly payments of $26,000 for 25 years at 7.8 percent, compounded monthly. Based on this budget, how much can the firm afford to borrow to build the building? a. $23,219,414 b. $3,427,301 c. $3,6666,667 d. $4,028,407 One year ago, you took out a 5-year, $75,000 interest-only loan. The interest rate on the loan is 8.25 percent and payments are to be made annually. What is the amount of the loan payment that is due today? a. $6,187.5 b. $6,928.41 c. $17,467.13 d. $18,908.17 A preferred stock pays a 6 percent annual dividend per share and provides investors with a 9 percent rate of return. What is the current price per share? a. $44.00 b. $52.25 c. $66.67 d. $68.75


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