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Logistics and Facility Location questions




Question;Short Answer;Questions;47. Name the transportation modes discussed in the;textbook.;48. Name four methods of quantitative analysis that;are useful in making the facility location decision.;Level: Medium;49. What is a closed area or compound into which;foreign goods can be brought without being subject to the necessary customs;requirements?;Level: Easy;50. Three distribution centers, A, B and C, are;located at the following (X, Y) coordinates: A, (20, 130), B, (180, 0), and C;(200, 200). A factory is to be constructed to distribute a new product through;these warehouses. The expected annual volumes expected to be shipped through;the three warehouses is forecast to be 20 million units through A, 100 million;through B and 50 million through C. Using the centroid method, approximately;what should the coordinates of the new factory be?;Level: Hard;51. What is the name for a group of countries that;have agreed on a set of special arrangements governing the buying and selling;of goods between member countries?;Level: Easy;52. The text describes 14 "Issues in facility;location". Name as many of these as you can.;Level: Hard;53. What are the two "hidden costs" that are;often overlooked in determining the total cost of a facility location decision?;Level: Medium;Essay Questions;54. Compare and contrast the factor-rating system and;the transportation method of linear programming as used in facility location;decisions.;Level: Medium;55. As a facility location consultant, how would you;advise a client wanting to locate a retail service facility differently than a;client wanting to locate an on-line stock trading operation?;Level: Hard;56. What weight should be given to environmental;pollution control regulations that differ from location to location or from;country to country in making facility location decisions?


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