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STRAYER BUS402 week 2 quiz 1 [summer 2104]




Question;Part-time entrepreneurship has an;additional advantage over starting up a company full-time in that:Answer ? Question;22 out of 2 points One key to success with a;business startup is to begin with enough ________:Answer ? Question;32 out of 2 points U.S. economic structure is;moving:Answer ? Question;40 out of 2 points Dirk wants to be in control. He's;tired of taking orders from others and wants to feel a sense of accountability;for the outcome of his work. Dirk displays the entrepreneurial characteristic;of:Answer ? Question;52 out of 2 points The growth of entrepreneurship is;being fed by:Answer ? Question;62 out of 2 points When building a home-based;business, it is important that the entrepreneur:Answer ? Question;72 out of 2 points A significant benefit of starting;your own company is:Answer ? Question;82 out of 2 points Juan is able to work well in a;constantly changing atmosphere and has little concern for what tomorrow will;bring. Juan demonstrates which of the following characteristics of a typical;entrepreneur?Answer ? Question;92 out of 2 points Kyoto has started an interior;decoration business. Everything about the business, from its name to the color;schemes used in the corporate letterhead, is an expression of her personality.;She sees this business as her greatest personal achievement. Kyoto is;experiencing the opportunity ________ of small business ownership.Answer ? Question;102 out of 2 points When running a home-based;business:Answer ? Question;112 out of 2 points Minorities cite which of the;following as the primary barrier to their entrepreneurship?Answer ? Question;122 out of 2 points Mary and Ted are discussing;starting a new business and are asking themselves a series of questions like;What is the worst that could happen if we fail?" "How likely is;that to happen?" They are assessing which potential drawback of small;business ownership?Answer ? Question;132 out of 2 points "Copreneurs" are marked;by:Answer ? Question;142 out of 2 points Companies started by women differ;from companies started by men in that:Answer ? Question;150 out of 2 points Researchers who study;entrepreneurs have discovered that:Answer ? Question;162 out of 2 points The most successful strategic;plans make the ________ focal.Answer ? Question;172 out of 2 points Every business is characterized;by a set of controllable variables called ________ that determines the relative;success (or lack of it) of market participants:Answer ? Question;182 out of 2 points ________ are negative internal;factors that inhibit the accomplishment of a firm's objectives.Answer ? Question;192 out of 2 points ________ are the broad;long-range attributes the small business seeks to accomplish, ________ are the;specific, measurable milestones the company wants to achieve.Answer ? Question;202 out of 2 points ________ focuses everyone's;attention and efforts on the same target market. It is an expression of what;the owner believes in.Answer ? Question;212 out of 2 points A small business owner needs to;remember that when it comes to employee involvement in the strategic planning;process:Answer ? Question;222 out of 2 points When the small business owner;assesses her company's strengths and weaknesses, she is dealing with the;business environment.Answer ? Question;232 out of 2 points A competitive profile matrix:Answer ? Question;242 out of 2 points Rather than attempting to serve;the total market, the small firm pursuing a ________ strategy specializes in;serving a specific target segment.Answer ? Question;252 out of 2 points A small business's;aggregation of factors that sets it apart from its competitors" is;its:Answer ? Question;262 out of 2 points The final step of the strategic;planning process is:Answer ? Question;272 out of 2 points Once the vision and mission are;established, the entrepreneur needs to:Answer ? Question;282 out of 2 points ________ are specific measurable;targets to be accomplished in a defined time period.Answer ? Question;292 out of 2 points The small firm's "master;plan" is its:Answer ? Question;302 out of 2 points ________ are negative external;forces that inhibit the firm's ability to achieve its objectives.Answer;="msonormal">


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