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STRAYER BUS402 week 4 quiz 3 [summer 2104]




Question;? The valuation approach that considers the value of goodwill;is the:Answer? Question;20 out of 2 points Which method of business;valuation relies on three forecasts of future earnings?optimistic, pessimistic;and most likely?Answer ? Question;32 out of 2 points If the firm owns any trademarks;patents, or copyrights, or has built up a positive reputation with customers;and suppliers, the business has what is/are called:Answer ? Question;42 out of 2 points When it comes to buying an;existing business, it is not uncommon to find it:Answer ? Question;52 out of 2 points The biggest source for the best;companies to buy is:Answer ? Question;62 out of 2 points The capitalized earnings approach;determines the value of a business by capitalizing its expected profits using:Answer ? Question;72 out of 2 points The process of gathering;information about the company, valuing the company, and performing a detailed;review of all records, agreements, and compliance is called:Answer ? Question;82 out of 2 points Once an entrepreneur has;evaluated him/herself, the next step in the acquisition process would be to:Answer ? Question;92 out of 2 points One advantage of buying an;existing business is:Answer ? Question;102 out of 2 points When a buyer is reviewing a;candidate company's lease arrangements, location and appearance, intangible;assets, etc., he is answering what basic acquisition question?Answer ? Question;112 out of 2 points Which of the following is a way;to smooth the transition of leadership/management from the seller of a business;to the buyer?Answer ? Question;122 out of 2 points Which of the following is a;criterion for a bulk transfer?Answer ? Question;132 out of 2 points The first step an entrepreneur;should take when acquiring an existing business is to:Answer ? Question;142 out of 2 points Perhaps the ideal source of;financing the purchase of an existing business is:Answer ? Question;152 out of 2 points Normally, when buying a business;the seller:Answer ? Question;162 out of 2 points A well-developed business plan;provides the entrepreneur with a number of benefits, such as:Answer ? Question;172 out of 2 points The loan proposal portion of the;business plan should include:Answer ? Question;182 out of 2 points A business plan:Answer ? Question;192 out of 2 points An explanation of how the product;will be distributed is contained within the:Answer ? Question;202 out of 2 points A solid business plan is marked;by a number of characteristics including:Answer ? Question;212 out of 2 points ________ are short-term, specific;targets which are attainable, measurable, and controllable.Answer ? Question;222 out of 2 points Business plans need to pass three;tests:Answer ? Question;232 out of 2 points The primary purpose of building a;business plan is to:Answer ? Question;242 out of 2 points A ________ is what a customer;gains from the product or service feature.Answer ? Question;252 out of 2 points The organization chart is;described in which section of the business plan?Answer ? Question;262 out of 2 points When creating financial forecasts;in a business plan for a proposed venture, an entrepreneur should:Answer ? Question;272 out of 2 points Your cash budget and an;explanation of how much money you need to make your company and product a;long-term success are the subject matter of the:Answer ? Question;282 out of 2 points A business plan performs a number;of functions including:Answer ? Question;292 out of 2 points The ________ highlights;significant financial and operational events in the company's life and should;concentrate on the company's accomplishments.Answer ? Question;302 out of 2 points The ________ becomes the document;that summarizes the analysis that has been done to justify a new business.Answer;="msonormal">


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