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strayer bus325 quiz 2 [ summer 2104 ]




Question;?;Hofstede?s study is classified or based on;Answer;? Question;2;5 out of 5 points;The GLOBE study survey;Answer;? Question;3;5 out of 5 points;Cross-cultural management;research is based on the assumption that;Answer;? Question;4;5 out of 5 points;Hall and Hall?s research;emphasizes four cultural dimensions;Answer;? Question;5;5 out of 5 points;Hofstede?s approach to cross;cultural management research;Answer;? Question;6;5 out of 5 points;The cultural context impacts HRM;practices;Answer;? Question;7;5 out of 5 points;Hall and Hall, Trompenaars and;Hampden-Turner all;Answer;? Question;8;5 out of 5 points;Under Confucianism dynamics;orientations can be either;Answer;? Question;9;5 out of 5 points;One study by Child, reviewing;research on the development of cultures concluded;Answer;? Question;10;5 out of 5 points;The Trompenaars and;Hamplen-Turner study distinguishes three overarching aspects of culture;namely;Answer;? Question;11;5 out of 5 points;Cultures develop over time;Answer;? Question;12;0 out of 5 points;According to Hofstede, some Asian;cultures such as Singapore and Hong Kong;Answer;? Question;13;0 out of 5 points;A major criticism of;cross-cultural management studies is;Answer;? Question;14;5 out of 5 points;Due to growing interdependence;and a high flow of migration;Answer;\;? Question;15;5 out of 5 points;Schein?s concept of culture;consists of;Answer


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