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hi, i would like to get all the answers the detail...




hi, i would like to get all the answers the detail question can be seen in Files, and I need to know all the answers in detailed not just answers. please, and thanks a lot . a) Calculate the excess return of each realized return for each security in Table 1. (3 marks) . b) Use the excess returns in part a) to calculate the historical average excess returns and volatilities of each security. Briefly comment on the results. (You make the assumption that each historical average excess return is a good proxy of the expected return of each security). (7 marks) . c) Now using the information in part b), calculate the beta of each class of security. Briefly interpret the results. [Hint: you have to calculate also the covariances to get beta]. (7 marks) . d) Calculate the required rate of return of each security using the following: beta * average excess market return. ?Given all the information above, plot the SML. i. What does it represent? (3 marks) ii. What is the difference with the CML? (3 marks) . e) Indicate the securities that are undervalued and those overvalued and explain why. (7 marks) . f) Briefly discuss the ways to better diversify a portfolio. (5 marks)


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