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Question;1;CRM helps firms gain competitive advantage by all of the;following except;Question 2;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Infinite scalability is most related to;Question 3;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP);Question 4;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following is not a major characteristic of a;customer relationship management system (CRM)?;Question 5;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Database systems, artificial intelligence programs and;voice-recognition software are examples of;Question 6;3 out of 3 points;Correct;According to the National Research Council, companies with;computer-integrated manufacturing system experience have been able to;Question 7;3 out of 3 points;Correct;All organizations face common issues regarding;technology. Which item below does not;belong on the list of issues?;Question 8;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following would not be included in a typical;Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)?;Question 9;3 out of 3 points;Correct;consist of two or more computer-controlled machines or;robots linked by automated handling devices such as transfer machines;conveyors and transport systems.;Question 10;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Filing your individual federal tax returns would best be;described as what type of value chain?;Question 11;3 out of 3 points;Correct;The company WebVan focused on;Question 12;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Regarding industrial robots, which choice is not correct?;Question 13;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Which of the following would not be an activity a return;facilitator handles?;Question 14;3 out of 3 points;Correct;Computer integrated manufacturing systems result in all of;the following EXCEPT;Question 15;3 out of 3 points;Correct;All of the following are benefits of adopting technology;except


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