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Question;? Question;1;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not a;principal dimension of the servicescape?;Answer;? Question;2;3 out of 3 points;Prior to designing and;configuring a customer benefit package, a firm should understand and develop;its ____.;Answer;? Question;3;3 out of 3 points;Objectives of service guarantees;include all of the following except;Answer;? Question;4;3 out of 3 points;In design specification;terminology, permissible variation is called;Answer;? Question;5;3 out of 3 points;In design specification;terminology, the target dimension is called;Answer;? Question;6;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not a;principal issue in service encounter design?;Answer;? Question;7;3 out of 3 points;Taguchi?s loss function is most;closely associated with;Answer;? Question;8;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not;supported by Japan's Genichi Taguchi?;Answer;? Question;9;3 out of 3 points;In a design specification 25 ?;1.5, the value 25 is called the ____, while ? 1.5 is called the ____.;Answer;? Question;10;3 out of 3 points;The process by which a model is;constructed to test a good's physical properties or use under actual operating;conditions is called;Answer;? Question;11;3 out of 3 points;If a redundant component is added;to a system, the overall system reliability;Answer;? Question;12;3 out of 3 points;A bank provides four sequential;services to its customers. Over the last quarter, the reliability of each of;these services was 92%, 97%, 95% and 90%.;What is their overall reliability?;Answer;? Question;13;3 out of 3 points;Regarding the first House of;Quality, the interrelationship between any pair of technical features is found;in;Answer;? Question;14;3 out of 3 points;High customer contact systems;would most commonly be found in ____.;Answer;? Question;15;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not;included in a failure-mode-and-effects analysis (FMEA)?;Answer;? Question;16;3 out of 3 points;offer customers broad;freedom to select the pathways that are best suited for their immediate needs;and wants from many possible pathways through the service delivery system.;Answer;? Question;17;3 out of 3 points;Which one of the following best;describes reengineering?;Answer;? Question;18;3 out of 3 points;Which one of the following major;activities is not one of the six major activities to design a goods-producing;or service-providing process?;Answer;? Question;19;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is least;related to Value Stream Mapping?;Answer;? Question;20;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not a;common process design improvement strategy?;Answer;? Question;21;3 out of 3 points;A(n) ____ is a group of;needed to create and deliver an intermediate or final output.;Answer;? Question;22;3 out of 3 points;Marketing Product;Characteristics/Decisions for the Product-Process Matrix include all the;following except;Answer;? Question;23;3 out of 3 points;What type of process would a;paper mill most likely use?;Answer;? Question;24;3 out of 3 points;Using the Service Positioning;Matrix, a limited number of customer pathways and highly repeatable service;encounter activity sequences would best relate to;Answer;? Question;25;3 out of 3 points;The terms, "general purpose;equipment," "flexible and capable of customizing work" and;wide variety of goods or services" best relate to;Answer;? Question;26;3 out of 3 points;Transferring material between two;non-adjacent workstations, waiting for service and requiring multiple approvals;are examples of;Answer;? Question;27;3 out of 3 points;Little's Law;Answer;? Question;28;3 out of 3 points;Dell computers and Subway;sandwiches are examples of ____ goods.;Answer;? Question;29;3 out of 3 points;During which phase of a product's;life cycle does low unit cost become a top competitive priority?;Answer;? Question;30;3 out of 3 points;A manufacturing firm that;produces a standardized product, not made of discrete parts, with little-to-no;customization, with high demand, is most likely to use this type of process.;Answer


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