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Question;(TCO 1) A database that organizes data in a set of;overlapping tables is which of the following?;Flat-file;Hierarchical;Object-oriented;Relational;Question 2. Question;(TCO 1) Which database object;would you use to find customers who are located in the same state?;Criteria;Form;Query;Report;Question 3. Question;(TCO 1) Examining the image;below, which statement best describes what we see?;Six records have been filtered from a query;called Employees.;Six records have been filtered on the Title;field containing Sales Representative from the Employees table.;A table called Employees has been created;from six filtered records.;A query called Employees has been created;from a filtered table.;Question 4. Question;(TCO 1) To locate the tool to;compact an Access database, click on the;File tab, Options, Current Database, and;select Compact and Repair Database Tools.;Home tab, Advanced, and select Compact and;Repair Database Tools.;Database Tools tab, and select Compact and;Repair Database Tools.;External Data tab, and select Compact and;Repair Database Tools.;Question 5. Question;(TCO 1) On which tab is the;Sort & Filter group found?;File;Home;Create;External Data;Question 6. Question;(TCO 2) To add, delete, and;edit a record, use;Datasheet view of a table.;Design view of a table.;Design view of a query.;Report view.;Question 7. Question;(TCO 2) Types of relationships;between tables do NOT include;one-to-one;many-to-many;primary-to-foreign;many-to-one;Question 8. Question;(TCO 1) Excel should be used;instead of Access when;you have a small amount of data.;your data needs to be regrouped in various;views.;your data needs connectivity to external;databases.;your data requires a relational database.


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