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Question;?;Question 1;3 out of 3 points;Which type of layout is best for high volumes of;demand with few if any setups/changeovers?;Answer;?;Question 2;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not a;common approach for designing process layouts?;Answer;?;Question 3;3 out of 3 points;All of the following are common objectives of;layout studies except;Answer;?;Question 4;3 out of 3 points;Which of the following is not a;disadvantage of virtual teams?;Answer;?;Question 5;3 out of 3 points;For a given cycle time in line balancing;assembly-line efficiency can be increased by;Answer;?;Question 6;3 out of 3 points;All of the following are limitations to process;layout except;Answer;?;Question 7;3 out of 3 points;Considering ergonomics, which of the following;does not fit?;Answer;?;Question 8;3 out of 3 points;The production of large goods such as airplanes;is best accomplished using a ____ layout.;Answer;?;Question 9;3 out of 3 points;is vertical expansion of job duties to give;the worker more responsibility.;Answer;?;Question 10;3 out of 3 points;The typical layout of facilities in a hospital;would be an example of a ____ layout.;Answer;?;Question 11;3 out of 3 points;The determination of specific job tasks and;responsibilities is called ____.;Answer;?;Question 12;3 out of 3 points;An assembly line with 28 activities is to be;balanced. The total amount of time required for all 28 activities is 39;minutes. The line will operate for 450 minutes per day. What must the cycle;time be to achieve an output rate of 400 units/day?;Answer;?;Question 13;3 out of 3 points;A(n) ____ performs entire jobs rather than;specialized, assembly line work.;Answer;?;Question 14;3 out of 3 points;A ____ layout is an arrangement based on;self-contained groups of equipment needed to produce a particular set of;goods or services.;Answer;?;Question 15;3 out of 3 points;classifies parts into families so that;cellular layouts can be effectively used.;Answer;?;Question 16;3 out of 3 points;Which one of the following is not directly;related to a supply chain?;Answer;?;Question 17;3 out of 3 points;The weights typically used in the center-of-gravity;method are;Answer;?;Question 18;3 out of 3 points;A contract manufacturer can offer significant;competitive advantages. Which one of the following is not an;advantage of using a contract manufacturer.;Answer;?;Question 19;3 out of 3 points;Factors such as managers' preferences, services;and taxes, available transportation systems, banking services and;environmental impacts would be most closely related to which;level of the facility location hierarchy?;Answer;?;Question 20;3 out of 3 points;A pull system;Answer;?;Question 21;3 out of 3 points;All of the following are considered non-economic;factors in location decisions except;Answer;?;Question 22;3 out of 3 points;The metric "perfect order fulfillment;is often used to measure ____.;Answer;?;Question 23;3 out of 3 points;The point in the supply chain that separates the;push system from the pull system is called the;Answer;?;Question 24;3 out of 3 points;Managing the flow of goods and materials from the;customer backward through the supply chain is called;Answer;?;Question 25;3 out of 3 points;A(n) ____ produces goods in advance of customer;demand using a forecast of sales and moves them to points of sale where they;are stored as finished goods inventory.;Answer;?;Question 26;3 out of 3 points;A firm that specializes in certain types of;goods-producing activities, such as customized design, manufacturing;assembly, and packaging, and works for end users is called a ____.;Answer;?;Question 27;3 out of 3 points;Where in its supply chain does Dell, Inc. begin;to use a pull system?;Answer;?;Question 28;3 out of 3 points;For General Motors' supply chain, the ____ is the;push-pull boundary.;Answer;?;Question 29;3 out of 3 points;A(n) ____ produces only what is needed at;upstream stages in the supply chain in response to customer demand signals.;Answer;?;Question 30;3 out of 3 points;is the process of delaying product;customization until the product is closer to the customer at the end of a;supply chain.;Answer


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