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Question;? Question;12 out of 2 points The primary opportunity for time;compression management (TCM) lies in its application to:Answer ? Question;22 out of 2 points The majority of customers who;stop patronizing a particular store do so because:Answer ? Question;32 out of 2 points Small businesses are able to;maintain a leadership role in innovation by:Answer ? Question;42 out of 2 points One "natural" advantage;small businesses have over large business, which can be a significant;competitive advantage, is:Answer ? Question;52 out of 2 points ________ is the notion of drawing;customers into a store by creating a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, smells;and activities, all designed to entertain?and, of course, sell.Answer ? Question;62 out of 2 points One-to-one marketing is a;marketing strategy that:Answer ? Question;72 out of 2 points Small businesses can compete with;larger rivals with bigger budgets by employing unconventional, low-cost;creative techniques known as:Answer ? Question;82 out of 2 points The Total Quality Management;(TQM) concept:Answer ? Question;92 out of 2 points The cost of marketing a product;is highest in the:Answer ? Question;102 out of 2 points To build an effective customer;service program, it is important to:Answer ? Question;112 out of 2 points When it comes to gathering market;research on customers, most small companies tend to be:Answer ? Question;120 out of 2 points Attracting a new customer costs;as much as keeping an existing one.Answer ? Question;132 out of 2 points Numerous surveys have concluded;that the most important element of service is:Answer ? Question;142 out of 2 points Shifting patterns in the age;income, education, race, and other characteristics of the population are the;subject of ________ and exert a potent force on a company's marketing plan.Answer ? Question;152 out of 2 points A company's competitive edge is:Answer ? Question;162 out of 2 points In a(n) ________ advertising;program, a group of similar businesses forms a "syndicate" to produce;generic" ads that allow the individual businesses to dub in local;information.Answer ? Question;172 out of 2 points Before making a sales call, the;salesperson sets three objectives. Which one is not an objective?Answer ? Question;182 out of 2 points ________ is any sales;presentation that is nonpersonal in nature and is paid for by an identified;sponsor.Answer ? Question;192 out of 2 points The ________ method is the most;difficult and least used technique of establishing an advertising budget.Answer ? Question;202 out of 2 points The choice of advertising medium;is primarily determined by:Answer ? Question;212 out of 2 points A successful public relations;technique used by local businesses to sponsor and promote fundraising;activities of nonprofit groups is called:Answer ? Question;222 out of 2 points In reality, advertising:Answer ? Question;232 out of 2 points Effective ads are built on:Answer ? Question;242 out of 2 points The most meaningful unique;selling proposition:Answer ? Question;250 out of 2 points Radio's power as an advertising;medium comes from:Answer ? Question;262 out of 2 points The key to the success of direct mail;advertising is:Answer ? Question;272 out of 2 points Which of the following media;account for the greatest portion of advertising expenditures?Answer ? Question;282 out of 2 points A successful direct mail ad is;characterized by:Answer ? Question;290 out of 2 points Newspaper advertising is;characterized by:Answer ? Question;302 out of 2 points The ________ becomes the heart of;a company's advertising message.Answer


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