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Question;? Question;1;2 out of 2 points;is designed to provide;working capital to small exporters by providing loan guarantees of 90 percent;of the loan amount up to $1.5 million.;Answer;? Question;2;2 out of 2 points;For small businesses;are the heart of the financial market.;Answer;? Question;3;2 out of 2 points;The most common method used by;commercial finance companies to provide credit to small businesses is;Answer;? Question;4;2 out of 2 points;Asset-based borrowing permits;small businesses;Answer;? Question;5;2 out of 2 points;A ________ makes only;intermediate and long-term SBA guaranteed loans. It specializes in loans many;banks would not consider.;Answer;? Question;6;2 out of 2 points;A(n) ________ is a private;nonprofit financial institution that will make small loans to its members for;the purpose of starting a business.;Answer;? Question;7;2 out of 2 points;Savings and loan associations;typically specialize in loans for;Answer;? Question;8;2 out of 2 points;A popular form of debt financing;with large companies, a sort of corporate "IOU," which is becoming;more accessible to a growing number of small companies is;Answer;? Question;9;2 out of 2 points;Grants to small businesses, made;to strengthen the local economy in cities and towns that are considered;economically distressed, are made by;Answer;? Question;10;2 out of 2 points;This program was started to;encourage small businesses that wanted to expand their research and development;efforts. It has made over 36,000 awards in excess of $10 billion.;Answer;? Question;11;2 out of 2 points;The most common type of;commercial bank loan granted to small businesses is;Answer;? Question;12;2 out of 2 points;When a small business is refused;a loan because it is not profitable and deemed a poor credit risk, the owner;can usually turn to ________ as a source of short-term funds.;Answer;? Question;13;2 out of 2 points;A ________ is an agreement with a;bank that allows a small business to borrow up to a predetermined specified;amount during the year without making an application each time.;Answer;? Question;14;0 out of 2 points;Factoring;Answer;? Question;15;2 out of 2 points;The SBA's ________ program offers;short-term capital to growing companies seeking to finance seasonal buildups in;inventory or accounts receivable.;Answer;? Question;16;2 out of 2 points;When manufacturing large, bulky;products, it is sometimes necessary to bring the materials to a specific spot;and do the assembly in one place. This type of layout is know as a;Answer;? Question;17;2 out of 2 points;Designing layouts ergonomically;and seeking to automate product flows can result in;Answer;? Question;18;2 out of 2 points;As the service economy has grown;a business location being used more and more by service businesses is;Answer;? Question;19;2 out of 2 points;The value of the floor space in a;retail store depends upon;Answer;? Question;20;2 out of 2 points;A central business district is;Answer;? Question;21;2 out of 2 points;The starting point for designing;a layout is;Answer;? Question;22;0 out of 2 points;TIGER;Answer;? Question;23;2 out of 2 points;A(n) ________ layout divides a;store into a series of individual shopping areas, each with its own theme. This;layout can create a distinctive image for a business.;Answer;? Question;24;2 out of 2 points;The Americans with Disabilities;Act of 1990 requires that;Answer;? Question;25;2 out of 2 points;Originally created to encourage;companies to locate in economically depressed areas, ________ offer tax breaks;and federal tax breaks for hiring workers living in the immediate area.;Answer;? Question;26;0 out of 2 points;A(n) ________ layout arranges;displays in a rectangular fashion with parallel aisle. It is a formal layout;that controls the traffic flow through the store.;Answer;? Question;27;2 out of 2 points;The ________ of products and;materials, their ________ of transportation, and their ________ functions all;interact in determining how close a business needs to be to its sources of;supply.;Answer;? Question;28;2 out of 2 points;The ________ serves a large;trading area (10 to 15 miles or more), contains from 50 to 100 stores, and has;several major department stores as its anchors.;Answer;? Question;29;0 out of 2 points;is a publication that;provides important data to aid entrepreneurs in their search for the best;location.;Answer;? Question;30;2 out of 2 points;A Geographic Information System;(GIS);Answer


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