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STRAYER BUS402 week 7 and week 8 discussions




Question;week 7 disscussion 1Sources of Debt FinancingPlease respond to the following:Briefly describe a small business you could envision yourself owning and discuss the most appropriate source of debt capital for that business. Explain your rationale.From the e-Activity, discuss how you could best use an SBA loan to get your business running or expanding. Provide specific examples to support your response.diss 2Location, Layout, and Physical FacilitiesPlease respond to the following:Using the same small business you described in the first discussion, determine the best possible location for your business within driving distance of where you now live. Explain your rationale.Discuss the layout and design configuration of a building you would like to use to house your business, including how you would comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.week 8 diss 1Supply Chain ManagementPlease respond to the following:From the e-Activity, determine which best practices can be applied to the greatest number of small businesses. Explain your rationale.Analyze the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma in regard to quality control of a product or service, and make at least one recommendation for improvement. Explain your rationalediss 2Managing InventoryDescribe a retail business with which you are familiar and determine the most suitable means of inventory control. Provide specific examples to support your response.For the same business, discuss what innovative steps you could take to deter employee theft and/or shoplifting.


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