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Evaluate the pricing strategy of the product. Describe the pricing strategy employed




Question;OverviewThe objective of this assignment is to go beyond theory to provide you with the necessary tools to apply the marketing concepts presented during the week to your consumer experience or to your organization or the industry in which it operates.At the completion of this assignment you will achieve the following module objective:-Identify segmentation strategies and evaluate value propositions.-Recognize and evaluate branding strategies.In this personal application assignment you will work on one product category or service offered by the organization you work for. If this is not possible, select one product of an organization in which you have worked before, or an organization you would like to work for in the future.1) Evaluate the pricing strategy of the product. Describe the pricing strategy employed.2) Identify and evaluate the distribution channels employed to distribute the product in question. What types of channels are used? List all the channel members and describe their functions.3) Evaluate the channel performance with respect to the customer reach, operating efficiency and service quality.Connect the material in the course to your explanations. Do not ramble, or re-define the concepts, apply them and be precise. Make your points in approximately 4 paragraphs, each paragraph should have about 3-4 sentences.


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