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ENTR510 Week 3 - You Decide Assignment




Question;You Decide Assignment Title:? Entrepreneurial MarketingScenario SummaryIn this scenario, you are a marketing consultant to a small business owner, Sammy Winder. Mr. Winder has worked his whole life in the restaurant business, and 6 months ago he was tired of working for someone else and decided to open a new restaurant/bar/jazz club.Lately, Mr. Winder?s Blue Note Caf? is not doing well. The initial buzz of opening his jazz club has subsided and his restaurant is often only half full on Friday and Saturday evenings, if this continues, he may be forced to close his restaurant. He needs your help!As with most young businesses, Sammy has limited capital to invest in a marketing plan, so he has asked you, his good friend, to create a marketing plan that will drive traffic to his restaurant on a limited budget.Your Role/AssignmentYou have been a marketing professional for several years. Sammy Winder is a good friend and needs your help and expertise. You have been hired by Mr. Winder to develop a low-cost marketing strategy to increase sales and save his newly opened restaurant.ActivityAccording to the American Marketing Association, marketing is ?an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stake holders.?As such, you must use your knowledge of marketing to create a plan, with a budget of just $1,000 per month, to increase customers for Mr. Winder?s restaurant. As you will find in our textbook, you will need to utilize a grassroots campaign to drive more customers to the Blue Note Caf?.When new companies form, they are cash-strapped. As an entrepreneur, you must be creative with your resources to make your capital stretch. You will need to learn about guerilla marketing tools and techniques, which act as nontraditional, grassroots, and captivating marketing ideas? that gain consumers? attention and build awareness of the company for little money.Your proposal should be 3?4 pages in length with a detailed list of your strategies as well as a detailed budget for a 3-month marketing campaign. In your budget, be sure to do research and outline the various costs of your plan.Re-read your textbook and do some secondary research on guerilla marketing. In your research, find out what other companies are doing to create a buzz with a limited budget. Be sure to think about all the inexpensive ways to market to people in a local community in order to increase awareness and promote the Blue Note Caf? brand.Week 3 You Decide TranscriptBe sure to listen to Mr. Winder as he describes his problems, listen for clues on ways you can differentiate his business and create excitement to the potential customers. Most importantly, BE CREATIVE! Guerrilla marketing campaigns are most successful when themarketers get ?out of the box? with ideas to create awareness and loyalty.Have fun!Key PlayersKey Players ImageTitle/Role/CharacterMr. Sammy Winder,Entrepreneur,Restaurant/Club Ownerand Jazz Lover


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