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Question;Sometimes;social influences and societal pressures can influence decision making for the;better and sometimes for the worse. In addition to these pressures, there are;risks that need to be evaluated and measured when making decisions. In this;assignment, you will reflect on decisions you made using social influence;persuasion, and risk taking that went awry.;Examine;a time when you were involved in decision making that went awry as a result of;protocols, social norms, or persuasive techniques. If you do not want to use an;example from your business or personal experience, you can select a journal;article on which you can base your assignment. Here are some key words to help;you find an article for this assignment;?;Decision;making;?;Risk;taking;?;Persuasion;?;Social;heuristics;?;Write;a 3?5-page paper in Word format that addresses the following;?;Describe;a decision-making scenario using your business experience, personal decision;making or cited journal article, include an example of the decision-making;process, describe the risk, and whether persuasion was used. What were the;social heuristics?;?;?;Explain;the incentives in this scenario. Were they effective?;?;?;Identify;the risks and the potential decision biases in your scenario. Propose the;corrective steps that should have been taken to overcome these biases. If a;risk assessment was conducted how did this affect the decision-making process?;?;?;Analyze;your scenario for what happened in terms of social heuristics. Explain how;decisions were made and the social factors that shaped the decision-making;environment.;?;?;Discuss the;greatest challenges to sound decision-making in your scenario.;?;?;Critique the;decision-making process used by the sponsor(s) and leader(s) of the decision.;Identify the mistakes made by the sponsor(s), leader(s), and team members or;others impacted by the decision during the implementation of the;decision.


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