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Week 3 outline AND week 5 final paper




Question;WEEK 3 OUTLINE- THE OUTLINE IS DUE ON THE 11TH. THE FINAL PAPER IS NOT DUE FOR ANOTHER WEEK OR SO!!;Focus of the OUT LINE AND Final;Paper;You are the manager of Acme Fireworks. The company started in the owner?s;garage two years ago and now has 15 employees that you manage. The company;started as a sole proprietor, and the owner has never changed the entity.;The company makes and sells fireworks. The owner has informed you that the;company has received inquiries from several large retailers about the company?s;ability to fill large orders on a regular basis. The owner told the retailers;that the company could fill such orders, and a price per unit was agreed upon.;No other details were discussed. The owner is anticipating that new employees;will need to be hired but is worried that if the large orders do not continue;the company will not have the funds to pay the new employees. The owner;is now considering changing the business entity but does not know what entity;to form or how to form it.;Class, for your week;3 assignment it is asking you to create a proposal aka. an outline of your;final paper. The final paper topic is given to you in week 5. Please go;over the final paper and my announcement about the final paper that I am;posting today. For your week 3 assignment, please include your thesis, the;major headings with a couple sentences about the heading and one source from;your literature review.;Thesis: This is the last sentence of your introduction. It is not a question.;It does not have a reference and it is not in quotes.;Major Headings: The headings are given to you in the week 5 assignment tab. I;want you to give me a couple sentences after each heading to tell me what you;will discuss in that part of the paper.;One Source: You need to do some research and provide one source, other than;your text book, and give me the full citation that would be seen on the;References Page of your final paper and a summary of the source and how you;will use it in the final paper.;WEEK 5 FINAL PAPER;For the final paper, you need to;decide whether this scenario would fall under the common law or the UCC. Then;after deciding that you can move through the four issues of the final paper.;Make sure you stay with the theme of either common law or UCC throughout the;paper.;Issue 1 ? we could have a;common law negligence issue here or we could have a UCC products liability;issue. You need to look at the liability the sole proprietor will face if a;consumer uses the product wrong or if there is a defective product. You need to;explain how this is either a negligence or products liability issue by;providing support and analysis. I'm looking for analysis of the law;here.;Issue 2 ? The way this issue is;stated is confusing. You can discuss all 5 elements of a contract under common;law or you can discuss whether this fits under a UCC contract and what needs to;be in a UCC contract to be considered valid. You need to tell me using either;theory if a contract is formed or not and why.;Issue 3 ? You should look at agency;law employer-employee relationship and independent contractor issues. You could;also discuss employment at will here too.;Issue 4 ?;this issue along with issue 1 are the most important parts of this paper. You;need to look at the liability the owner faces now and compare that liability to;the liability he would face under a different entity. Choose which entity;protects the owner and employees in the best way. Look at tax liability;personal liability and entity formation when deciding which entity is best.


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