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Strayer BUS 302 Week 9 Quiz




Question;Course Management ConceptsTest Quiz 9Instructions This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 16. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 17. Be sure you are in the correct Chapter when you take the quiz.Question 1 ____ costs are the costs associated with implementing or monitoring control. Question 2 Quality is typically defined and measured in three ways. They are ____. Question 3 Several extended-stay hotel chains ask guests to hang their towels so they can be reused as a way to help the environment. This request reflects which stage of waste minimization? Question 4 Companies that rely on bureaucratic control tend to ____. Question 5 ____ should be used when it is difficult to create good measures of worker behavior and output and when organizational culture, values, and beliefs are strong. Question 6 Control is a(n) ____ process. Question 7 The three basic control methods are ____. Question 8 A report calling for a company to set clear targets to improve fuel economy and to cut factory emissions would want the company to establish emission control ____. Question 9 ____ control is a method of gathering information about performance deficiencies as they occur. Question 10 ____ is a control method that encourages managers to look beyond traditional measures to evaluate four different perspectives on company performance. Question 11 ____ are a basis of comparison for measuring the extent to which organizational performance is satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Question 12 Companies may determine standards by ____. Question 13 ____ control is a method of gathering information about performance deficiencies before they occur. Question 14 Which of the following is NOT one of the four perspectives measured in the Balanced Scorecard approach to control? Question 15 ____ control is a method of gathering information about performance deficiencies after they occur. Question 16 Using ____ data mining, the user usually begins by telling the data mining software to look and test for specific patterns and relationships in a data set. Question 17 Intranets are ____. Question 18 The first company to use new information technology to substantially lower costs or differentiate products or services often gains ____. Question 19 The two major types of data mining are ____. Question 20 A company developed a(n) ____ to allow its more than 50 department heads and executive managers to use a Web browser to view sales results and distribution plans with a single click.. Question 21 The term ____ refers to facts and figures that are in an unusable form. Question 22 Two critical steps are required to make sure that data can be accessed by authorized users and no one else. They are ____. Question 23 For the purposes of data mining, ____ patterns are just the opposite of association patterns. Question 24 In the process of capturing information, ASCII text is generated by ____. Question 25 The key to sustaining competitive advantage is ____. Question 26 Using ____ data mining, the user simply tells the data mining software to uncover whatever patterns and relationships it can find in a data set. Question 27 ____ is the process of ensuring that data are reliably and consistently retrievable in a usable format for authorized users, but no one else. Question 28 ____ allow managers and employees to use a Web browser to gain access to customized company information and to complete specialized transactions. Question 29 A(n) ____ is an information system that helps managers understand problems and potential solutions by acquiring and analyzing information with sophisticated models and tools. Question 30 Data mining is the ____.


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