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Question;The Do?s and Don?ts of Contract Administration" Please;respond to the following;From the e-Activity, select the three most effective contract;administration activities and provide a rationale of your selection. In;addition, select two don?ts and speculate on the consequences if the contract;administrators were to perform each of those don?ts that you have chosen.;Suggest at least two additional do?s and two additional don?ts of;contract administration. Support your suggestion.;Contract Administration Office Roles and Responsibilities;Please respond to the following;Determine three to five roles and responsibilities;the contract administration office must have in order to execute a contract;successfully. Support your response.;? Imagine you are a contract administrator. Choose;the most difficult role for you to play and suggest strategies to perform this;role successfully. Support your suggestion."Community Efforts and Managing Public Relations;? According to this week?s reading and the;e-Activity, businesses enhance their reputation and build trust when they;address community needs in a positive way. Give an example of your favorite;company that addresses community needs, and specify the main reasons the;company?s actions and CSR programs are important to you. Determine the primary;manner in which the company?s image affects your buying decision as a consumer.="msonormal">="msonormal">


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