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MBA 525 - Module 2: Journal Article Assignment




Question;Assignment;You will locate one peer-reviewed journal article related to;a topic covered in Module 1 and create a professionally designed PowerPoint;presentation. In the presentation, you must identify and explain the purpose of;the study (article), interpret definitions and variations in definitions, if;any. The presentation should include a minimum of five slides, with audio;embedded on each slide (for a total of five-to-seven minutes). You will also;submit a Word document of your audio transcript.;Steps;The following sequence of steps will help you complete this;assignment successfully.;1. Read the module content and assigned textbook material;thoroughly.;2. Based on the module content and textbook material, decide;on a business-related topic to research. It is helpful if the topic is narrowed;and focused. For example, the topic of global economy is too broad and yields;over 5,700 peer-reviewed articles in EBSCO Host. Instead, you may consider how;Argenti discusses global economy in Chapter 1. Based on Chapter 1, how would;you narrow the topic? You may decide you are interested in the role of;technology and the global economy. This search, in contrast, yields a much more;manageable list of peer-reviewed journal articles.;1. Evaluate your search results. Be certain a source is;indeed an academic journal, not a book review, abstract, or ?popular?;(magazine) article. You do need access to the entire journal article. Open the;complete database entry for your article. Look for ?document type? and ?author;affiliation.? You most often want a document type of ?article?, however, some;essays may be appropriate. If you have doubt, ask your professor. Most authors;of peer-reviewed articles will be affiliated with a university, college, or;research institute. See Evaluating sources below for further information;regarding popular versus scholarly articles.;2. Read the article. Most will find it useful to read the;abstract first and conclusion second. You will then want to read the review of;literature and the remaining parts of the article. Keep in mind that scholarly;articles are dense, and most people need to read them more them once. Take your;time to process what you are reading and make notes. Use the Swales and Feak;textbook to assist you with identifying the purpose of the article and the;definition of key terms.;3. When you have completed reading the article, take time to;reflect on it. Remember the hallmark of graduate studies is original thought.;Throughout your studies you will be asked what you think about something. Try;to connect the article with what you already know from undergraduate studies;other classes, work experience, and life experience. If you need to locate;other sources to back up your point, do that now before moving on.;4. Prepare and organize thoughts for your presentation.;Remember that your objective is clear for this presentation. You are required;to summarize the article, identify and explain its purpose, and define key;terms (clarifying any discrepancies in definitions), all packed in a;professional PowerPoint presentation. Be certain to read the grading rubric;below for details.;NOTE OF WHAT TOPIC WAS FOR THIS WEEK;This was our topic for week 2 so anything that related to;this will be fine for the assignment above.;Corporate Communication.;This week topic -note anything that is related will work for;this assignment;If communication competence is the key to organizational;excellence, how would you encourage the members of an organization to become;competent communicators to enhance the corporate communication strategy?


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