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SAINT MBA 525 - Module 3: Case analysis




Question;MBA 525 - Module 3: Case Study Assignment;Case Study;?The Third Battle of Bull Run;The Disney?s America Theme Park (B)?;Purpose;The purpose of this assignment is;to read a case study and identify the most significant business problem the;company faced while assessing the various types of organizational;communications used to manage the problem.;Assignment;Your task is to read the case;study, and after careful analysis, formulate a succinct response that is no;longer than one single-spaced typed page with one-inch margins. No cover page;is needed. You may use a separate page for references (works cited page).;Your;response must include a clear identification of the most significant business;problem facing Disney, prompting the public statement. Remember this is your;educated opinion which must be supported with evidence. You may find the;evidence needed in the case study, but you may also use credible external;sources. In addition, your response must assess the various types of;organizational communication Disney used to manage the problem. Examine the;different audiences/constituencies and determine how the message differed or;would have differed. It is important that your paper has the three sections?;introduction with a thesis, body with support for the thesis, and a conclusion


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