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Question;LS5100;Discussion 1;In this class, and your other online;classes, you will be using your keyboard to communicate. The expectation for;written communication on the Internet is known as Netiquette. One website that;explains the ten core rules of Netiquette Be sure to read this website so that your written;posts in the Discussion Board will be perceived the way you intended them.;Welcome;to Learning Strategies for Success in Graduate Programs at Columbia Southern;University! Take a moment to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and;professor. In your introduction, share some interesting facts about your;personal and professional life. What is your academic goal, and what motivates;you to attend college at this time in your life?(250 words minimum);For your initial post, click on 'Reply' underneath the;Professor's post. In the subject line, type 'Unit I Discussion Board Question.;As we continue through the first week;of the course, return to the 'Unit;I Discussion Board' and read your classmates' posts to learn more;about them. To write a message to another student, open their post;click 'Reply,' change;the subject line so that it includes the name of the person or question to;which you are replying. For example, ?Tom?s Response to Susan's;Post.;Additionally, pleaseaffirm that you have;read and will abide by the University?s Academic Integrity Violations;(AIV) policy located in the course announcements. The thread to;affirm is located in the 'Ask The Professor' Forum. In your response, please;type the word ?affirm.? You may also ask any questions that may concern;you or discuss challenges you may face as a learner in your compliance with the;University?s AIV policy.;Discussion 2;There aretwo parts to the Unit II;Discussion Board. To receive full credit, be sure to address both questions in;your response.;Part I;In Unit I of this course, you read three online articles, 4 Time Management;Tips for Online Students, How to Be a Good Online Learner, and Time Management;101 for Online Students.;1. Which article do you feel was the most helpful to you as an online;graduate student? Why?;2. Which tip or technique do you feel you will implement as you continue;through your program?;Part II;Anticipating change, considering multiple viewpoints, questioning traditions;and assumptions, and addressing problems proactively requires strong critical;thinking skills. Without them, people can appear vulnerable or simply less than;their best. The development of critical thinking skills is vitally important to;success in any profession, as well as being a contributing member of society.;The call for educational institutions to develop critical thinkers comes in;part from employers (Casner-Lotto & Barrington, 2006) and in part from;researchers in the field who are aware of the integral role of critical;thinking skills in the ability to survive and thrive as a democratic society;(Facione & Facione, 2007).;First, read the attached article A Practical Guide to Critical Thinkingand then prepare;an answer to these questions, in paragraph form;?;In your own words, how does one;adopt the attitude of a critical thinker?;?;What are some critical thinking;hindrances you have encountered recently?;References;Casner-Lotto, J., & Barrington, L.;(2006). Are they really ready to work? New York, NY: The Conference Board.;Retrieved from;Facione, P. A., & Facione, N. C. (2007). Talking critical thinking. Change;39(2), 38-45. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier.;Discussion 3;InUnitII,youlearnedthattobecomeacriticalthinker,youmustdevelopcertainskills.Someofthoseskillsinclude,butarenotlimitedto:recognizingassumptions,evaluatingoldinformationandnew ideas, producingnewideasbasedonsoundevidence,analyzingproblems,communicatingwithclarity,managingemotionsinresponsetoasituationorproblem,andjudgingyoursources.Whetheryouarechangingcareers,orfurthering youreducationinyourcurrentfield,professionalandpersonal developmentcriticalthinkingskillshelpyoulearnfromandwithothersofdiversebackgroundsandinterests(Anderson&Media,n.d.).;First,taketheattachedCriticalThinkingAssessmentPracticeQuizandthenpostananswertothese questions,inparagraphform;1. Whichquestionsdidyoufindthemostdifficultandwhy?;2. Whichquestionsdidyoufindtobeeasiestandwhy?;3. Howdoyouthinkworkingonyourcriticalthinkingskillswillhelp youingraduateschool?Inyourcurrentorfutureprofession?;References;Anderson,A.,&Media,D.(n.d.).Whatarethebenefitsofcriticalthinkingintheworkplace?TheHouston Chronicle:SmallBusiness.Retrievedfromhttp://smallbusin;Discussion 4;What is your opinion of this;course? Did it meet your expectations? What suggestions can you offer for;improvement of this course for future students?


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