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Question;Question 1________ is designed to provide working capital to small exporters by providing loan guarantees of 90 percent of the loan amount up to $1.5 million.AnswerA Capline programA Section 504 loanAn LDC loanAn export working capital program2 points Question 2For small businesses, ________ are the heart of the financial market.Answerbanksfinance companiesprivate placementinsurance companies2 points Question 3The most common method used by commercial finance companies to provide credit to small businesses lines of credit or "character loans."balance-sheet based.2 points Question 4Asset-based borrowing permits small businesses:Answerto borrow up to 100% of the value of their inventory or their accounts receivable for the money they need for long-term use normally unproductive assets?accounts receivable and obtain loans more easily but with less borrowing power than if they used an unsecured line of credit.access to a source of funds ideally suited for long-term financing needs.2 points Question 5A ________ makes only intermediate and long-term SBA guaranteed loans. It specializes in loans many banks would not consider.Answersmall business investment companylocal development companysmall business lending companyMESBIC2 points Question 6A(n) ________ is a private nonprofit financial institution that will make small loans to its members for the purpose of starting a business.AnswerSBICprivate placementcredit unioninsurance company2 points Question 7Savings and loan associations typically specialize in loans for:Answerequipment.inventory.real property.accounts receivable.2 points Question 8A popular form of debt financing with large companies, a sort of corporate "IOU," which is becoming more accessible to a growing number of small companies is:Answerstockbroker-based loans.bonds.commercial bank loans.SBICs.2 points Question 9Grants to small businesses, made to strengthen the local economy in cities and towns that are considered economically distressed, are made by:Answerthe Department of Housing and Urban Development.a local development company.the Farmers Home Administration.the Economic Development Administration.2 points Question 10This program was started to encourage small businesses that wanted to expand their research and development efforts. It has made over 36,000 awards in excess of $10 billion.AnswerSmall Business Technology Transfer ActLocal development companiesThe SBA Capline programSmall Business Innovation Research Program2 points Question 11The most common type of commercial bank loan granted to small businesses is:Answerthe short-term commercial loan.the lines of credit agreement.the floor plan.the unsecured term loan.2 points Question 12When a small business is refused a loan because it is not profitable and deemed a poor credit risk, the owner can usually turn to ________ as a source of short-term funds.Answerventure capital companiestrade creditstockbrokersloans from insurance companies2 points Question 13A ________ is an agreement with a bank that allows a small business to borrow up to a predetermined specified amount during the year without making an application each time.Answerterm loanfactorline of creditfloor plan2 points Question 14Factoring:Answeris a more expensive method of financing than borrowing from a bank.places the risk of uncollected accounts receivable on the small business best used as a long-term source of a type of trade credit.2 points Question 15The SBA's ________ program offers short-term capital to growing companies seeking to finance seasonal buildups in inventory or accounts receivable.AnswerThe Direct LoanCDCImmediate Participation LoanCAPLine2 points Question 16When manufacturing large, bulky products, it is sometimes necessary to bring the materials to a specific spot and do the assembly in one place. This type of layout is know as a:Answerprocess layout.fixed-position layout.function layout.product layout.2 points Question 17Designing layouts ergonomically and seeking to automate product flows can result in:Answerreducing the owner's initial capital outlay in starting the business.lowering the high initial fixed costs of starting a business.eliminating the need for a layout plan for the business.improving productivity and lowering material handling costs.2 points Question 18As the service economy has grown, a business location being used more and more by service businesses is:Answerthe industrial park.home.central business districts.outlying areas.2 points Question 19The value of the floor space in a retail store depends upon:Answerthe merchandise in that area.the type of store and customer.the number of salespeople servicing the area.its proximity to aisles and entrances.2 points Question 20A central business district is:Answerthe traditional center of town.a plan that contains 12 to 50 stores and has a department store as a leading tenant.a type of "mall" that has experienced 1500 percent growth over the last 5 years.a shopping area that draws its customers primarily from the immediate local area.2 points Question 21The starting point for designing a layout is:Answercreating a detailed layout design showing the space relationships.discovering the single best flow for the manufacturing process.arranging the equipment and materials stocking areas in the proper sequence.determining how and in what sequence product parts or service tasks flow together.2 points Question 22TIGER:Answeris a software package combining the ability to draw detailed maps with the power to search through databases.records data not available through the census and includes eleven indicators of economic growth.contains the names of every street in the country and detailed block statistics for 345 urban areas.breaks down the population, retail sales, etc. by census region.2 points Question 23A(n) ________ layout divides a store into a series of individual shopping areas, each with its own theme. This layout can create a distinctive image for a business.Answerfree-formgridangledboutique2 points Question 24The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that:Answerbusinesses with more than 25 employees comply fully with the Act by June 1993.all buildings be remodeled to accommodate any disabled customer or employee.all businesses must accommodate all disabled customers or job candidates, regardless of the cost.buildings occupied after January 23, 1993 must be designed to accommodate disabled customers and job candidates.2 points Question 25Originally created to encourage companies to locate in economically depressed areas, ________ offer tax breaks and federal tax breaks for hiring workers living in the immediate area.Answerindustrial parkssmall business incubatorstrade zonesempowerment zones2 points Question 26A(n) ________ layout arranges displays in a rectangular fashion with parallel aisle. It is a formal layout that controls the traffic flow through the store.Answerfree-formgridangledboutique2 points Question 27The ________ of products and materials, their ________ of transportation, and their ________ functions all interact in determining how close a business needs to be to its sources of supply.Answercost, value, uniquevalue, cost, uniquevalue, price, costcost, cost, unique2 points Question 28The ________ serves a large trading area (10 to 15 miles or more), contains from 50 to 100 stores, and has several major department stores as its anchors.Answerneighborhood shopping centercommunity shopping centerregional shopping mallcentral business district2 points Question 29________ is a publication that provides important data to aid entrepreneurs in their search for the best location.AnswerConsumer ReportsIndex of Retail SaturationSurvey of Buying PowerSales Conversion Index2 points Question 30A Geographic Information System (GIS):Answeris a software package combining the ability to draw detailed maps with the power to search through databases.records data not available through the census and includes eleven indicators of economic growth.contains the name of every street in the country and detailed block statistics for 345 urban areas.breaks down the population, retail sales, etc., by census region.


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