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Strayer Bus302 Week 9 quiz 7




Question;Bus302 Quiz 7;Question 1;occurs when workers withhold their efforts and fail to;perform their share of the work.;Answer;Self-limiting;behavior;Social loafing;De-forming;Stonewalling;Mental atrophy;Question;2;The ____ is purposefully composed of employees from different;functional areas of the organization.;Answer;cross-functional;team;ad hoc team;semi-autonomous;team;self-managing;team;horizontally;organized team;Question 3;As a member of a typical traditional work group, Joshua should;expect to be responsible for ____.;Answer;doing what he;is told to do;giving advice;and making suggestions to management;making;decisions and solving problems regarding major production/service tasks;cross training;employees who are not part of his work team;creating ideas;through processes like brainstorming;Question 4;Team rewards that depend on ____ are the key to rewarding team;behaviors and efforts.;Answer;team;performance rather than individual performance;individual;efforts rather than team performance;someone taking;the role of group leader;the;elimination of social loafing;the use of;groupthink;Question;5;A group in Great Britain has been established to improve the;employment, retention, and promotion prospects of black and other ethnic;minorities as well as women in the Fire and Rescue Service, which at present;has a largely white, male demographic. The group is trying to increase;within the fire fighting teams.;Answer;group norms;team diversity;aggregated;creativity;collectivism;structural;accommodation;Question 6;E-Lab (the "E" stands for experience) has project;teams perform field research for its clients. One team had to spend time riding;in the back seat of a squad car, accompanying cops on drug raids, as part of;research for a new communications device for police departments. Another team;studied how people get sick with a cold to create a new over-the-counter cold;remedy. Often clients give team members extremely ambitious goals which the;team members initially have no idea how to solve. In other words, project teams;are given ____.;Answer;temporal;missions;myopic visions;proximity;goals;options-based;objectives;stretch goals;Question 7;A(n) ____ is defined as a team composed of geographically and/or;organizationally dispersed coworkers who use telecommunications and information;technologies to accomplish an organizational task.;Answer;cross-functional;team;project team;virtual team;international;group;self-managing;team;Question 8;Which of the following is a method used for compensating;employees for team participation and accomplishments?;Answer;hourly wages;gainsharing;piecework pay;retained;earnings;Question 9;describes the average level of ability, experience;personality, or any other factor on a team.;Answer;Team diversity;Group synergy;Team level;Team;conformity;Team;performance;Question 10;is one of the disadvantages associated with the use of work;teams.;Answer;Storming;behavior;Social loafing;Group negation;Outsourcing;Stonewalling;Question;11;Which of the following team sizes usually provides the best;performance?;Answer;2 to 3;6 to 9;15 to 20;more than 20;All sizes tend;to perform equally well.;Question;12;The highest level of team autonomy is found in ____.;Answer;self-managing;teams;self-designing;teams;semi-autonomous;work groups;employee;involvement teams;reciprocal;work teams;Question 13;The least amount of team autonomy is found in ____.;Answer;traditional work;groups;employee;involvement teams;semi-autonomous;work groups;self-managing;teams;ad hoc committees;Question 14;A group in Great Britain has been established to improve the;employment, retention, and promotion prospects of black and other ethnic;minorities as well as women in the Fire and Rescue Service, which at present;has a largely white, male demographic. At its inception, this group was in the;stage of team development.;Answer;reforming;storming;norming;forming;performing;Question 15;Teams are typically required when ____.;Answer;tasks are;simple;tasks require;multiple perspectives;synergy will;complicate the problem solution process;the company;has very limited resources;Question 16;A ____ is a purposeful, systematic process for collecting;information on the important work-related aspects of a job.;Answer;job analysis;task;evaluation;job;specification;job validation;job;description;Question;17;A ____ is a performance appraisal process in which feedback is;obtained from the boss, subordinates, peers, and co-workers as well as the;employees themselves.;Answer;360-degree;feedback;performance;appraisal iteration;reciprocal;appraisal;grapevine;appraisal;circular;feedback program;Question 18;The United Kingdom issued a new recruitment publication for;the nation's Fire Service. The publication lists all of the qualifications;needed to become a fire fighter. This recruitment pamphlet is actually a(n);Answer;job;specification;task;inventory;labor;resource guide;job;description;organizational;chart;uestion;19;is unintentional discrimination in which there is a;substantially different rate of selection in hiring, promotion, or other;employment decisions that works to the disadvantage of members of a particular;race, sex, age, ethnicity, or protected group.;Answer;Disparate;treatment;Adverse impact;Bona fide;discrimination;Unsolicited;discrimination;Demographic;discrimination;Question;20;Which of the following is an internal recruiting method?;Answer;employee;referrals;career paths;walk-ins;employment;services;advertisements;Question;21;Which of the following is a legal problem employers may;encounter in seeking, providing, or using employment references as part of the;selection process?;Answer;defamation;lawsuits;adverse impact;lawsuits;product;liability lawsuits;accusations of;disparate discrimination;accusations of;reciprocity;3 points;Question;22;Bona fide occupational qualifications would be most likely;included in a(n) ____.;Answer;job;specification;employee;assignment list;labor resource;guide;job;description;task inventory;Question 23;Which of the following types of tests accurately predicts job;performance in almost all kinds of jobs?;Answer;specific;ability tests;cognitive;ability tests;personality;tests;achievement;tests;work sample;tests;3 points;Question 24;means providing opportunities for employees to develop the job-specific;skills, experience, and knowledge they need to do their jobs or improve their;performance.;Answer;Supervising;Directing;Training;Mentoring;Mediating;Question;25;are procedures used to verify the truthfulness and accuracy of;information that applicants provide about themselves and to uncover negative;job-related background information not provided by applicants.;Answer;Integrity checks;Background checks;Recruitment evaluation procedures;Biographical data assessments;Validation tests;Question;26;Which of the following is an external recruiting method?;Answer;advertising;career paths;job posting;needs-assessment implementations;Question;27;Before beginning to recruit, organizations must ____.;Answer;advertise for job candidates;create a job description;conduct a job analysis;create a job specification;match salaries to industry averages;Question;28;The ____ interview uses only standardized, job-related interview;questions that are prepared ahead of time and asked of all candidates;Answer;formalized;structured;semi-structured;informal;canned;Question;29;is intentional discrimination that occurs when people are;purposefully not given the same hiring, promotion, or membership opportunities;because of their race, sex, age, ethnic group, national origin, or religious;beliefs.;Answer;Disparate;treatment;Adverse;harassment;The;four-fifths rule;Deliberate;negative reinforcement;Inequitable;discrimination;Question 30;Which of the following is an internal recruiting method?;Answer;advertising;job fairs;job posting;Internet job sites;walk-ins


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