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SCIE 206 Unit 4 Organ Systems and Evolution




Question;After reading materials about;evolution and about antibiotic and pesticide resistance in the text, the Course;Materials, the AIU Online Library and / or the Internet, answer the following.;Select and describe one example of antibiotic resistance or;pesticide resistance. Be specific in your choice.Describe the background for your choice of resistance.;Include details about the disease or pest and the established control;strategies. How have we used antibiotics (to treat a particular disease);or pesticides (to protect from a pest), and how has this changed?Explain how the resistant trait evolved based on principles;of natural selection and evolution of a trait at the population level.For your specific example, what are the consequences of;resistance in terms of human health or crop loss / damage?What steps can be taken to prevent or slow down the evolution;of antibiotic or pesticide resistance? Do you think we will succeed;in doing so? Why or why not?


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