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SCI 362 Week 5 Case Study Project & Presentation




Question;Submit a 1,750-;to 2,100-word comprehensive environmental case study examining your faculty-approved;case study in a Word Document format.;Include a reference;page with at least 6 references.;Use the following;resources to prepare for this assignment;?;Routledge Encyclopedia of;Philosophy, available through the University Library;?;Facts on File News;Services, available through the University Library;?;U.S. Environmental;Protection Agency (EPA) website (;?;Ethics and the Environment journal, available;through the University Library;?;Electronic Reserve Readings--------------------------------------------Format your case;study and presentation consistent with APA guidelines, which includes at least;6 references. The references should correspond;to the references used for the project.;Present the Ethics;and the Environment Case Study Presentation Outline Presentation in 7 to 10;Microsoft? PowerPoint? slides illustrating their paper.


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